Oct 202014


Booo-gie” is a new track from Polish producer, Jackie. You won’t be surprised it’s a tiny bit halloween themed, the name is a hint. It’s also cute synth-funk that is rather good. And yes, it’s been a million years since I’ve done an update (more on that… eventually). For whatever reason it’s going under-the-radar at the moment and thanks to Kreap for making me aware of it’s existence.

Aug 172014


If you missed our previous excitement, Octave Minds is the new project from musical maestros Boys Noize & Chilly Gonzales. Tracks like “Symmetry Slice” (the first video from their forthcoming album due for release on September 15th) only serve to further encourage our excitement.

もしも前回のポストを読んでなかったら、一応説明しますがOctave MindsとはBoys Noize & Chilly Gonzalesによる新しいプロジェクトです。”Symmetry Slice” (9月15日発売される彼らのアルバムからの初めて公開されたビデオでもあります。) みたいなトラックを聞くとただただ楽しみになっちゃいます。もうちょっとだけ我慢!

Aug 152014


Every now and then Mighty Mouse gives us glimpses of his electro side and his remix of Mason‘s “Gotta Have You Back” most definitely showcases this. Seems a bit odd to point this out, but the section towards the end of this remix is rather marvellous. The single is out now and backed with further remixes from the likes of Beni and Kraak & Smaak.

今日紹介するのはMighty MouseMason、”Gotta Have You Back“リミックス。彼らしいエレクトロさが出ているし、特にエンディングに向かうあたりがかなりナイス。このシングルは絶賛発売中で、他にもBeniとKraak & Smaakのリミックスが入っています。

Aug 102014


Hi. You may have noticed that the title of this blog post is perhaps entering into dangerous territory as it’s us about to review something from outside our comfort-zone. In all fairness, us ‘reviewing an EDM’ is perhaps the most requested post we get and we understand that about 80% of people who request it want to see us tear into some of these artists and 20% want us to have some kind of epiphany moment. We’ve actually attempted to do this on a few occasions and hate for hates sake isn’t that interesting and I literally couldn’t listen to the Zedd album in it’s entirety (this was our previous attempt).

I must confess given all the hype and murmurings of praise around the internet I found myself a little bit interested in hearing the début album effort from America’s No.1 Emoticon fan, Porter Robinson. And get this, I was able to listen to it all. Which does mean that he’s better than Zedd. So, that’s a tiny bit of positivity and hopefully a good enough quote to feature on a press release.

“Porter Robinson, at least he’s better than that Zedd”

And now for the somewhat negative, “Worlds” (the name of his album) is in more ways than one, ‘a product’. It’s the product of a generation that has grown up on the internet.  A generation that has heightened emotions, has access to any sort of culture (aka content) and needs things to be constantly happening for it to be paid attention to. It also sounds like the album of an artist who feels like he has to prove himself and show everything he has to offer. Throw into the mix; M83’s,  “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming“, Crystal Castles, Yasutaka Nakata and you get what “Worlds” is. It’s all rather confusing.

The real shame is the album does have some interesting moments on it. It’s clear that Porter Robinson can do some nice melodies and I did actually enjoy those bits. The problem is those moments usually get buried underneath production effects and vocaloid. It tries too hard to keep your attention. He might not be making ‘epic festival bangers’ anymore but he still hasn’t lost some of the bad habits of that world. And if there is anything I’ll really want to stick the knife into with this review. It’s the bloody vocaloid. I suspect some people will find it ‘adorable’, I just found it to be really annoying and the track with a vocaloid solo? Just. NO. 

So. There you go. I didn’t hate “Worlds“, I didn’t love “Worlds“. I just found it a bit disappointing in the end. It’s the album of an artist still trying to find his feet musically. The whole craze with dance music, the money involved and lavish praise received makes me wonder if any of these guys can ever properly develop. It’d be interesting to hear what he could do if he were to cut down on the tricks.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ / 10

Released August 12th.

Aug 062014


Polish synth-pop trio Kamp! are set to release their “Baltimore” EP via the Cascine label on August 26th and you can hear the first track from the EP, “Early Days” right at the end of this post. It’s a unique take on the whole synth-pop sound with a touch of dance-floor nous thrown in for good measure.

ポーランドのシンセポップトリオ、Kamp!が”Baltimore” EP をCascine labelから8月26日にリリース。そのEPのファーストトラック”Early Days“をご紹介。ユニークなシンセポップにちょっとフロア向けな感じが入ってていい感じですよ。

Aug 052014


The sudden increase in output from Canadian producer Hemingway is certainly making it very easy for us to update the blog lately, another new track, “Zoetropes” has been released today. A refreshing blast of creativity which is dubbed ‘Drum & Jazz’ by the artist (or the soundcloud description anyway).

カナダのプロデューサーHemingwayが最近とっても活動的でブログ的にも非常に助かっています。そんな彼のニュートラック”Zoetropes“が今日リリース。’Drum & Jazz’で(soundcloudにてそう説明されていたので)、とってもリフレッシングなトラックです。

It’s reminiscent of earlier Siriusmo tracks with a hint of Fantastic Plastic Machine. Which is a very good thing indeed. You can purchase the track over on his bandcamp.

Siriusmoの初期の感じにFantastic Plastic Machine感をプラスした様な、とにかくおススメですよ。 トラックはband campにて購入できます。

And if you’d prefer, watch a nice video of the track instead.


Aug 042014


Long-term readers of the blog will probably remember the time we thought very highly of 80Kidz, when they arrived on the ‘scene’, they were a whirlwind of activity, especially on the remix front. Going back to some of those remixes, more than a few haven’t dated all that well. However, some have remained rather great and you won’t be surprised I’m kicking off this weeks ‘revisit’ with their remix of Hey Champ’s “Cold Dust Girl” which is still immense and a great twist on the whole ‘French-Touch’ sound. If I were ever to do a “Top Twenty Greatest Remixes Ever”, this would probably make that list with ease….

Their debut, “This Is My Shit“, was very highly anticipated by us and yes, that is terrible name for an album. We’ve had enough time to get over that small detail though. It’s a mixture of distorted electro and pop. And to a certain extent, it’s still a rather endearing effort which has it’s faults but still manages to have more than a few delightful moments.

One of those moments comes in the form of “Miss Mars” which still really holds up well and is a nice fusion of a cute melody, some guitars and electro. If you missed this the first time round, prepare yourself for a treat.

The more ‘distortion electro’ elements of the album have dated quite badly and that includes tracks we originally really liked. Which isn’t that much of a surprise. It was also surprising that their biggest ‘electro banger’, Life Begins At Eightyisn’t actually featured on this album, it’s worth a look if you are looking to relive that era of music though.

For the most part, the pop-song sections of the album still work. They are the collaboration tracks on the album and come from the likes of; Hey Champ, Ghostape, The Shoes and Autokratz.

But, as an album it’s a bit difficult to recommend it for purchase, especially as it’s a bit pricey on import. It is worth a look on digital download to pick-up some of the albums better tracks though. You can do that here.