Jul 232014


The supremely talented and somewhat underrated Ben Macklin is giving away his latest single, “Let You Down“. It’s described as being a disco/summer/house/jam track and those are all words I really have begun to hate over the last year or so. So, for me to think it’s very good must mean it transcends genre, buzzwords and is just a good track that you really shouldn’t ignore.

Jul 232014


Believers” is one of the bonus tracks featured on the deluxe edition of Cut Copy‘s album. “Free Your Mind“. The deluxe edition includes the original 14 tracks and 5 bonuses. Two of those bonuses are “In These Arms of Love” and “Like Any Other Day”, which were only available in America on Record Store Day. So, if you are one of those people who likes having everything, I’m guessing this release is for you*. You can purchase it here.

Believers“はCut Copyのアルバム、”Free Your Mind“のデラックスエディションに収録されているボーナストラックの一つで、デラッックスバージョンにはオリジナル14トラックとボーナストラックが5つ入っています。その内のの2つは“In These Arms of Love”と“Like Any Other Day”で、どちらもアメリカのレコードストアデイの為だけのトラックでした。もしも全部集めなきゃ気が済まない!という人がいたらココでゲットしてみたらどうでしょう。

*I am one of these people and can admit the album was only ‘alright’.


And whilst we are doing this type of post….

Cut Copy – B.A.B.Y
Apparently this a demo that managed to sneak out, recorded before the “Bright Like Neon Love” era. Still think it holds up rather and the whole D.I.Y pop thing it has going on adds to it’s charm.

どうやらこのデモは”Bright Like Neon Love“のリリース前のトラックで、彼ららしいD.I.Yなポップさがいい感じのトラックになってます。

Download: Cut Copy –  B.A.B.Y

Cut Copy – Stars
Again, think this came out before “Bright Like Neon Love” but isn’t a demo. It was included on a compilation called “Star Time International Presents: Supercuts” which seemed to be a compilation with artists that Star Time thought would be popular in the future. Whoever made that decision on Cut Copy can be awfully proud of themselves! Good call!

こちらもまた”Bright Like Neon Love“以前のもので、デモではありません。”Star Time International Presents: Supercuts“というコンピレーションに入っていたトラックで、近いうちにスターになると予想されたアーティスト達が沢山参加していたコンピです。Cut Copyをチョイスした人はいい耳を持っていたに違いないですね!

Download: Cut Copy – Stars

Cut Copy – Kidz At The Disco
Really short b-side on one of the releases of the single, “Future” and weirdly one of my favourite Cut Copy songs. I just like how cute and daft it is.


Download: Cut Copy – Kidz At The Disco

Cut Copy – Radio 1 Dj Mix from 2005
Perhaps the most unknown of their mixes, pretty sure this was broadcast on Radio 1 really early in the morning. Luckily, it was included as a bonus for the release of their “I Thought Of Numbers” EP in America (partial tracklist in the comments).

もしかしたら一番知られていないミックスかもしれません。確かRadio 1 にて早朝にプレイされてたはず。幸運にも”I Thought Of Numbers” EPのアメリカリリースに収録されています。(部分的ではありますがコメント欄にトラックリスト載せてます。)

Download: Cut Copy – Cut Copy Radio 1 DJ Mix


Jul 222014

We are still coming across quite good things we missed during out time of in-activity in the music blog universe. Falco Benz is one of those things, an artist who is part of the Magentron Music family, a very nice family that has also given us the likes of Rimer London and LeLe.

ちょっとブログをお休みしていた時期に見逃していた良い音楽に今になって気づく事もよくあります。その良い例が今日紹介するFalco Benz。彼はMagentron Musicファミリーの一員で、Rimer LondonやLeLeなんかも属しています。

This Gaspard ‘Rework’ of his track “Clap Machines” is particularly nice. It does tread a line of being slightly Todd Terje-esque but has more than enough of it’s own imagination and free-spiritedness (takes some nice twists and turn) to not be considered a copy cat. Like quite a few things these days, it is a free download.

Gaspardによる彼のトラック、”Clap Machines“のリワークは特におススメ。Todd Terjeチックな感じもあって、でもそれ以上に彼のイマジネーションが良い感じに効いた出来上がり。決してコピーキャットじゃないのが聞いてみればわかるはず。フリーダウンロードなんで是非ともチェックを!

Jul 212014


After the ‘Revisiting’ of Justice’s “Audio Video Disco” not so long ago we got a few requests in on Facebook/Twitter and for whatever reason MSTRKRFT‘s “Fist Of God” seemed to come up more than most.  Even though I know I’ve heard the album, I really can’t remember anything about it. Before we jump to “Fist Of God“, lets take a quick look at their debut, “The Looks“.

Oh! It’s still fucking awesome. 

Yep. No doubt about it. “The Looks” is amazing.

Now lets talk about “Fist Of God“,  it didn’t take me long to figure out why it was requested and that’s because well… you know how they say “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover?“. Well, this is the cover for “Fist Of God“…

fist-of-god2This cover is ass, literally. 

Earlier on I had mentioned that I’d forgotten what this album sounded like. I now know why, I was trying forget an album that is for the most part, completely abysmal. It sounds like it was put together really quickly, most of the tracks follow a similar formula of the core being an instrumental and then throwing on ‘Real Urban Swag’ vocals over it (and when we say ‘Urban’, we do mean ‘Spoilt LA bros’). The vocals are always at the same level as the rest of music and it results in a extremely nauseous feeling, making an already not great album an actual trial to listen to.

I am amazed though, amazed such a thing was made by the guys who made a good album before this. I also couldn’t help but wonder how this got past the money-men at the label it was released on and then I checked, the label is Dim Mak. D:

This sack of shit was a fucking single? Really?!
The video has more Lens Flare than J.J Abrams career. Sick job guyses

You can make the argument that this album isn’t all bad, there are a couple instrumentals, which aren’t so bad. The problem is they aren’t so bad when you compare them to the rest of the album. An album that has this on it…..

When the vocalist sings waaaaay too fast to match the tempo of the instrumental. D:

And this is where I bail on this revisiting. Before, I wrap things up… this little quote from JFK of MSTRKRFT is worth an inclusion.

I expect a lot of people to not like the record, but I expect a lot more people to like the record now that we’ve reached a way bigger audience making it. It might sound like a calculated business move, but it was mainly a musical thing. We kinda knew what the reaction’d be, and we even told a lot of the kids on the message boards: ‘Well, a lot of you are gonna hate it’. It’s difficult, too, you know, because a lot of people have just discovered us, and they’re going to go on this record initially; but we didn’t want to make a record that was too ‘now’. We could have got a lot of the rappers – like The Cool Kids, Spank Rock and Kid Sister – but we tried to choose things and people that were more timeless. And, anyway, I love bad reviews, they’re my favourite things.”

Fist Of God came out in 2009. Only two singles were released from it. Apart from a slightly confusing comeback thing that didn’t really happen in the end, we’ve not had a proper single from them since. That is a bad thing. And, I want to end this all on a positive note….



Jul 212014

We’ve probably talked about The Presets new single, “No Fun” enough now, it already has two posts but that is because it’s actually quite good and warranted two posts. It’s also certainly worth mentioning a third time when they are giving away a remix from the very talented Lancelot. Things like that are a little hard to ignore.  The free download is a massive wav, so, if you’d rather a Mp3…. click here.

The Presetsのニューシングル、”No Fun“関係のポストは既に 二回もしてるんですが単純にそれだけ良いっていう事です。そして今回更に紹介したいのがLancelotのリミックス。コチラはただ今フリーでゲットできます。ただwavのサイズがかなり大きいので、Mp3がいいなぁっていう人はこちらへ。

Jul 192014


Garde Le Pour Toi  is the new single from the French duo Paradis. They’ve been working on their début album since last year and this is the first time they’ve showcased what they’ve been working on.

Garde Le Pour Toi はフランス人デュオParadisによるニューシングル。彼らは去年からデビューアルバム作りに専念していたようですが、今回やっとトラックをお披露目という形になりました。

The track has a really nice gentle pop feeling and it sounds extremely French too (of course in a good way). It’s quite rare for me to instantly like a track with vocal on it as well. Now the expectation for their début album is very high and looking forward to it very much! But first, enjoy almost 7 mins of dreaminess!


You can get it here.

Jul 182014


Sometimes even I can get very excited about something and in the case of Octave Minds, a collaborative effort from Boys Noize & Chilly Gonzales, I believe that I’m fully justified in being quite hyped. The last time they worked together the end result was “Ivory Tower” an album that influenced the return of the people making Disco-Piano-House tracks. Whilst some of what came out of that was pretty good, nothing really came close to the greatness of that album.

皮肉な事を言う事が多くて想像しにくいかもしれまんせが私だって新しい事にワクワクする事もあります。特に今回紹介するOctave MindsBoys Noize & Chilly Gonzalesによるコラボに関しては相当興奮しました。彼らが前回一緒に音楽を作った結果、”Ivory Tower“という素晴らしいアルバムが出来て、ディスコピアノハウスが再度盛り上がったのも記憶に新しいはず。あのアルバムを超すのは今でもなかなか難しいと思います。

In Silence” is a track being given away from this new project and an album is due for release on September. It’s, well, completely the opposite from “Ivory Tower“, a chill-out track. Too early to judge but given the talent involved, I feel something special could be on it’s way.

In Silence“はこの新しいプロジェクト、そして9月にリリースされるアルバムに収録されているトラックで、”Ivory Tower“とは真逆のチルアウトなトラック。現段階でジャッジするのは早すぎますが、2人の実力から予想してアルバムの出来はかなり期待できるんじゃないかと思います。楽しみ!

Download: Octave Minds – In Silence

Jul 182014


Douze‘s remix of fellow French act Cosmobrown and their track, “Do It Do It” is quite a lovely and unexpected surprise. If it had been produced by somebody with surname Braxe of Falke, the internet would be throwing out the praise out non-stop. It isn’t, but, it really should be. Hopefully this post can help kickstart that. ;)

DouzeCosmobrown、”Do It Do It“リミックスはかなり素敵なサプライズでした。もしもこれがBraxeやらFalkeという名字の人によるプロデュースだったら皆すぐに食いつくと思いますが、残念ながら彼らのプロデュース作品ではありません。とは言え絶対にチェックすべきなんで下でどうぞ!