Aug 012014


Time for a rather lovely remix of RÜFÜS and their track “Sarah” from Australian producer Touch Sensitive. Which is a bit more like the older Touch Sensitive material than the newer and a fantastic excuse to post “Body Stop” for the millionth time in the history of this blog, it’s ok though, it’s still incredible.

RÜFÜSのトラック”Sarah“をオーストラリア人プロデューサーTouch Sensitiveがリミックス。彼の古いスタイルを主出させる様な素敵リミックスです。そしてどさくさに紛れて彼のトラック”Body Stop“も再度ポストしておきます、このトラック本当にいつ聞いても良い!

If you pre-order the RÜFÜS album you’ll get this remix RIGHT NOW, apparently… 


Jul 312014


1. Grum – The Touch
2. Sandy Marton – Camel by Camel (Ali Jamieson Edit)
3. Tatsuro Yamashita – Love Talkin’ (CEITA054 Luv-Dub Disco Edit)
4. AHA – Cry Wolf (Mighty Mouse Edit)
5. Paradis – Garde Le Pour Toi
6. The Presets – No Fun (RÜFÜS Remix)
7. Sixtine – Press Start (Kreap’s Freestyle Boogie Mix)
8. Breakbot – You Should Know (Allen Walker Simple Re-Write)
9. Crystal & S. Koshi – From Red To Violet
10. Hemingway – Winding Rhodes

Jul 302014


For various reasons Grum‘s remix of Yousef & The Angel’s “Float Away” didn’t make it on to the original release of the track a while ago. Thank heavens for re-releases and various reasons being put aside because it’s now released and the winner is you, the person with good taste in musics, now enjoying it.

GrumのYousef & The Angel、”Float Away“リミックスはどういう訳かちょっと前のオリジナルリリースに収録されなかったようですが、再リリースの際にようやく世に出て来てくれました。という訳でぜひともチェックを!

Jul 292014


Alex Metric has gone and done a big electronic pop-song which is so good, if all big electronic-pop songs were like this, I’d like them a whole lot more. They aren’t though and that’s why I really appreciate his new song, “Heart Weighs a Ton“. Highly recommended if you like the sounds of Miike Snow.

Alex Metricがビッグなエレクトロポップソングを作りましたよ。他のエレクトロポップもこれくらいのレベルだったら良いのに…って思わせる様な出来で、タイトルは”Heart Weighs a Ton“。Miike Snow辺りが好きな人は絶対チェックして下さい。

There are remixes but they probably won’t be as good as the original. It’s out on August 5th in America via  Owsla and then later on in the UK, American pals can pre-order here.


Jul 282014

Whilst everybody has moving away from the synthier/italo side of disco, Ali Jamieson has been making a stand to keep it alive. His last release, an original, Push The Night” was rather awesome and went a little too under the radar in my opinion. Hopefully his latest, an edit of Sandy Marton’s “Camel by Camel” which comes with some extra vocoder goodness will not suffer the same the fate. Inspired choice of song and unlike some edits, manages to add some really nice new touches which some producers would deem enough to call it an original, he hasn’t though, so enjoy the free download.

最近シンセやイタロ系ディスコの盛り上がりがイマイチな中Ali Jamiesonは地道に頑張ってくれています。彼の前作、Push The Night“は凄い良かったのにイマイチ注目度が足りなかった気がするんですが、彼の最新作Sandy Martonの”Camel by Camel“エディットはもっと沢山の人に聞いてもらえる事を祈ってます。ボーコーダーが良い感じに効いてるこのエディットはオリジナルと言っても良いくらいの出来。フリーダウンロードなので絶対チェックしてみて下さい。

Jul 282014

So, revisiting an album which is only about three years old seems like a strange thing. However, not only do I know I quite like this album (wanted to switch it up a little this week), I also know Siriusmo‘s popularity had drastically increased since the release of ‘Mosaik‘.

I will try and not go off on too many tangents whilst doing this revisit. However, it’s worth remembering some of things that surrounded the release of this album. Namely, the support and love Siriusmo began to pick-up from fellow producers and music blogs/websites. Aeroplane putting tracks like ‘High Together‘ in their mixes, Mr Oizo telling the whole of twitterland that everybody should own every release he’s ever done and music blogs following suit.  I’ve not really witnessed such good-natured support from such a wide-range of people for sometime now.

Also, it’s worth noting I’ll be talking about the CD release of the album, which is a little less complete than the vinyl version. The vinyl version has slightly different mixes of songs, an alternate ordering and additional tracks. It’s a delight and if you own a vinyl player, the version you want. Me harping on about this is probably just annoying for those don’t and I’ll stop right here on that!

Mosaik‘ can be quite simply described as an album of many creative ideas. It doesn’t always work in places (the rap bits are a bit difficult) but you’ll appreciate the moments that do. It’s album from a producer determined to experiment with fusing ideas together, genres of music that he likes and at the same time, it’s an album where he still wants to entertain people and give them a good time.

Just because it’s an electronic album it’d be foolish to think it’s dancey. For the most part, this album is not a dance album and definitely more something you’d listen to at home. Sure, it has moments of dance. But, if your experience of the tracks from this album are only in a club setting, you’ll be missing out.It’s like a good movie, where every time you watch it, you pick up something new from it and that makes for a very rewarding experience. A criticism could be that there isn’t a ‘narrative’ and you could argue that it’s just a collection of tracks thrown together to make the length of album, maybe that’s something I thought a little at the time of listening but I have now changed my mind. There is a narrative and that is ‘fun’.

If there was an album I could force people to listen to, this would probably be one of those albums and to slightly quote Mr. Oizo, “Siriusmo. Just get everything“. He very rarely disappoints and it was awesome listening to this album again to be honest.


Jul 272014


Quickly becoming a big admirer of Dutch producer Falco Benz and scratching my head as to why it’s not already all over the blogland, he really should be. This remix of Findel’s “Classic Loading Screens” has some pretty dorky lyrics but Falco Benz’s take on the song makes it seem rather charming. It also has the same nostalgic feel that earlier Breakbot remixes had, very ‘warm’ and super-cute too. (=’.’=)

最近かなりあついオランダ人プロデューサーFalco Benzですが、やっぱりどうも未だに注目度が低い事に納得がいきません。彼によるFindelの”Classic Loading Screens“のリミックスは歌詞はちょっと微妙なもののとってもチャーミングな出来になっていて初期のBreakbotのリミックスの様な可愛くて、暖かくて、それでいてノスタルジック感じがかなりナイスです。

Jul 262014

Shinichi Osawa continues to tease hints of a mild change in sound for his forthcoming ep, “Birds“. The latest track to appear on his soundcloud, “Swallow” has a playful acid nature and has a welcome addition in the form of some funky guitars. An interesting fusion that what we are pretty sure he can pull off. No word on a release as of yet, it can’t be that far off now though.