Nov 222010

It feels like forever since we featured Allen Walker, the pioneer of Batman-House on the blog. He’s got a remix for Shinichi Osawa on the way, but that’s about it for the moment. About five minutes ago he dropped us his remix of Zoot Woman‘s “Saturation” which he did a while back but never got around to putting out because his hard drive died on him… :-(. Luckily, he found this on a backup memory stick! :-)

Batman-Houseの産みの親、Allen Walkerを最後に紹介したのがすごく昔に感じるんですが、どうやら大沢伸一のリミックスがやってくるとか。そんな彼が5分前にZoot Womanの”Saturation”リミックスを送ってくれました。これは彼が結構前に作ったものですが、どうやら彼のハードドライブが崩壊した為ピックアップできませんでしたが、幸にも彼がバックアップ用のメモリースティックを発見!!

The Remix (“Re-Write”) is typical of the Batman-House genre he has pioneered. It’s part French-Touch, part J-Pop and part Batman.



Zoot Woman – Saturation (Allen Walker Re-Write)

May 302010

Zoot Woman have a single out tomorrow via Citizen Records. It’s called ‘Just A Friend Of Mine’ and it’s the usual stylish pop music you’d expect from the UK based outfit. The release is backed with remixes from Dinamics, The Penelopes and SomethingALaMode.

Zoot Womanのシングルが明日Citizen Recordsからリリースです。’Just A Friend Of Mine’というタイトルでいつもの様なスタイリッシュなポップミュージックでUKっぽさが出ています。今回Dinamics, The Penelopes, SomethingALaModeのリミックスもついてくるようです。

SomethingALaMode steal the show with their dramatic, violin filled and very dancefloor friendly mix. It might be a tiny bit better than the original…..?


Download - Zoot Woman – Just a friend of Mine (SALM Remix) [M] ★
Preview –