Jun 102010

We had the chance to ask Guillaume Manbell and Greg Kazubski a.k.a Teenage Bad Girl some questions. The duo are back this year with a new album and it all kicks off with debut single ‘Tonton Funk’ out on June 15th.

今回Guillaume ManbellとGreg Kazubski、別名Teenage Bad Girlにインタビューしちゃいました。この2人は嬉しい事にニューアルバムと共に今年カムバック。その中のデビューシングル’Tonton Funk’が今月15日にリリースされます。

Time for an introduction! Who are Teenage Bad Girl, how did you meet?
Two french guys of 28, we met 6 Years ago exchanging our sounds on soulseek! So i asked Greg to make a remix for me… And then we made a track together, “hands of a stranger” it was in 2005.

まずは恒例の自己紹介から。Teenage Bad Girlって何者?出会いは?
どっちも28歳なんだけど、6年前にsoulseekでお互いの音楽を交換したのが出会いだよ。僕がGregにリミックスを作ってって頼んで、それから一緒にトラックを作ったんだ。因みにそれが2005年で”hands of a stranger”だったんだ。

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from you. What have you been up to?
Actually we spent all 2009 on the new album.. that’s why we stopped gigs and remixes for a while. But now we’re really excited to share all the new material and go on the road again… the first EP is coming in few days, with a video that will be the first episode of a trilogy. And the album will arrive around september.


The first album was often lazily compared to Justeeece. It’s not really like Justice in our opinion. How did you feel about that? Did it annoy you?
Its easy to compare because we’re both french, both an electronic music duo, and we both mix energic sounds with melodies.. We may have some influences in common but thats all. I think “Cocotte” released 3 months before their album, so it was easy to be compared with.


You are signed to the label of Vitalic, has he helped you in anyway?
Yes of course, especially when we played with him in big spots just after releasing our first album. It was really fast and really cool!


What can we expect from the 2nd album? Did anything influence it?
This new album is a little bit more “pop” than the first one. There are a lot of featurings with singers we really like … For this new project, we wanted to choose the right ideas and sounds to go straight to the point. As compared to “Cocotte” which contained a lots of ideas (maybe too much), we focused on keeping only essential ideas for this new LP.


Have you changed in anyway since the making of the first album?
Not really we always worked the same way! Both in our own studio, sending parts by the net.. Then we played in clubs for 3 years, so maybe we wanted something different than pure dancing music for this second album.


Will you be taking Teenage Bad Girl out on the road?
Yes, definitely !

また色々な所でTeenage Bad Girlを見れたり出来そうですか?

What are your favourite albums? EVER!
The Beach Boys – Surf’s up

The Beach Boys – Surf’s up

Where do you want to be this time next year?
In Las Vegas playing all our money on the 37.


What do you prefer, a spy car that can flies or a spy car that goes underwater?
A spy car that can fly underwater !


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