Jun 192014

salm_-_endless_stairs_album_cover-11574We first came across electronic-classical duo SomethingALaMode aeons ago courtesy of the ‘Hooked On Collette’ compilation, a compilation that was probably the last hipster-fashion-arent-we-cool collection of songs we’ve actually liked and tried to force on people. Their debut, self-titled album is extremely good and if you are reading this without listening to that one first, go away and come back to this review once you’ve done that. If we aren’t laying on the, “Our expectations for this are quite high” vibe enough, I guess finally mentioning/bragging seeing them perform live with Chilly Gonzales was pretty awesome too.  Right, lets talk about their second album, Endless Stairs.

Firstly, lets get the negative out of the way first because if we write the negative first and end on a positive people might not mistake this for a bad review, just like the time we reviewed that Breakbot album (which we do own and kinda like tbh). The tracks with vocals on them? Hate them. That might seem blunt and it is, but that’s the closest we can provide an opinion on them without any swears. However, we understand why they do exist though and imagine the following scenario…





Now for some incredibly awesome positives about the album. That ‘rap’ track that we made fun of in the second image? Not even on the album. Tracks out of the 12 which have vocals on them? Only four! If you want to be pedantic, it’s actually five and that would ruin the whole structure of this review because one of them is actually not just good, it’s actually superb. It is though, the instrumentals which are star of this album and none more so than, “Kairos“.

It’s a track like this which makes SomethingALaMode great, the way it builds and is quite intense but at the same time it’s very exciting. The melding of classical and electronic is pretty damn perfect in our opinion. Although, we haven’t yet, we know that even after a hundred plays, this track still won’t be boring. The same goes for a track like “Julius” which is really playful and just a delight to listen to.

As for the track with vocals we liked, “Versailles No Bara” is technically more of spoken-word type of thing to be honest and that’s why we are trying not to include it as part of our vocals rant ;D. We’re very pleased this made the cut on the album as originally it was a b-side on their, “Show Me” EP and if you missed it first time round, you are in for a real treat!

If review scores are your thing: 8/10
If review scores aren’t your thing: We won’t feel guilty if you spend your money on this.


Sep 202011

After half-liking/half-not-liking the last SomethingALaMode EP, you can imagine how pleased we were to hear that the next release was going to be purely instrumental with no daft remixes and hippity-hop vocalists.

この前のSomethingALaMode EPが心から良い!と言えない感じだったのもあって、今回この最新リリースが完全なインストロメンタルだと聞いて超興奮!余計なヒップホップ的要素はないようです。

Their new ep,”28.18,” is quite simply 28 mins and 18secs of gorgeous classical-electro, although, the release is split up into chunks on iTunes if you have a favourite bit.  However, I heavily recommend listening to this in it’s entirety, with the “continuous dj mix” option. Which you can do via the soundcloud embedded in this post

そのEP”28.18,”はタイトル通り28分18秒にもわたるゴージャスなクラシカルエレクトロになっております。ただiTunesではパーツで別れて発売されてるので個別に買う事も出来ますが、ここは是非とも”continuous dj mix”をゲットして通しで聞いてもらいたい!取りあえず下でまずチェック!

SomethingALaMode – 28.18 Moment [iTunes]

Jun 242011

salmSomethingALaMode are French electro-classical duo Thomas Roussel and Yannick Grandjean. We like them ALOT. We like them so much that we spent a very long time trying to buy their album (it was only out in France in one shop..) and paying a little bit more than was reasonable for it. It is now really easy to buy the album, we highly recommend you do so.

SomethingALaModeはThomas RousselとYannick Grandjeanによるフランスのエレクトロ・クラシカルなデュオで、私達はかなり好きです。アルバムが欲しくて探していたんですが、結果的にかなりの時間とちょっとお金も費やしてやっと買えました。(フランスでも一店舗でしか売って無かったみたいです)でも今は簡単にゲットできるようなので是非お勧めします。

We were very excited to hear they had a new EP on the way, the title track is called “Show Me”. It’s quite a good track up until the point some rapper starts screeching about “Getting Up and Getting Down” (musical chairs?). Maybe we know NOTHING about rap, maybe his “flow” is amazing. However, we believe it to be pretty irritating and a massive distraction from the main attraction, the music.

新しいEPがやってくる聞いた時はとっても楽しだったんですが、”Show Me”というこのトラックはどっかのラッパーが”Getting Up and Getting Down”っ始まるところまではなかなか良いっていうちょっと残念な感じ。ラップの事はなにも知らないので、実はすごい良いのかもしれなけれど私達はちょっと理解できないかな・・ラップはなくてよかったんじゃないか、とばかり思ってしまうのでした。

SomethingALaMode feat. Lexicon – Show Me (Original EP Version)
“Instrumental version plz”

Thankfully, the EP features another original. Which in our opinion SHOULD be the single because it’s utterly fantastic and the reason why we like them so much. It also has vocal, but it’s spoken word and is actually part of the structure of the track. If their next album has more like this on it, we are very excited.


SomethingALaMode feat. Rinko Kikuchi – Versailles No Bara (Original EP Version)

Available on iTunes.


May 302010

Zoot Woman have a single out tomorrow via Citizen Records. It’s called ‘Just A Friend Of Mine’ and it’s the usual stylish pop music you’d expect from the UK based outfit. The release is backed with remixes from Dinamics, The Penelopes and SomethingALaMode.

Zoot Womanのシングルが明日Citizen Recordsからリリースです。’Just A Friend Of Mine’というタイトルでいつもの様なスタイリッシュなポップミュージックでUKっぽさが出ています。今回Dinamics, The Penelopes, SomethingALaModeのリミックスもついてくるようです。

SomethingALaMode steal the show with their dramatic, violin filled and very dancefloor friendly mix. It might be a tiny bit better than the original…..?


Download - Zoot Woman – Just a friend of Mine (SALM Remix) [M] ★
Preview –