Jun 222014

Following-on from last Sunday’s nostalgia trip
, here are another five things from the archive that are still pretty darn awesome to this day….


Pase Rock – Nights (Shazam Mix) [Original Post]
Australian producer Shazam was the original ‘Wonderkid‘ producer before that became the huge selling point it is now. From the early days the general opinion from music blogs was, “If he’s this awesome now, how much more awesome he will be in the future?!?!“. He’s been quiet of late, however, there has been signs of activity over on his soundcloud and when he does return I have little doubt that he’ll do so with some style. This remix of Pase Rock’s “Nights” is sure to make you question why the wait for his return is taking so damn long though.

オーストラリアのプロデューサーShazamは超若手の有能プロデューサーのパイオニア的な存在でした。当時の彼の登場に、今でこんなに良かったら将来どうなっちゃうの!?なんて思ってたりもしました。その後しばらく動きがなかったものの、彼のsoundcloudを見る限り動きがあるようです。戻ってきたとしても彼に裏切られる事は無いでしょう!彼のPase Rock、”Nights“リミックスを聞いたら、どうして戻ってくるのにこんな時間かかったんだろうって思うに違いないでしょう。

Download: Pase Rock – NIGHTS (Shazam Mix)

PeterLicht – Sonnendeck 2011 (Tonka Treatment) [Original Post]
DJ Tonka‘s bootleg of PeterLicht’s “Sonnendeck” is perhaps one of the oddest things we’ve posted and I would call it a guilty pleasure but, even now I really enjoy how bouncy and fun it is. Just a rather nice thing to listen to when the weather is warm and everything is going great. Occasionally get asked to re-upload it every now and then, so I’ve actually finally done that too ;D.

DJ TonkaによるPeterLicht、 “Sonnendeck“のブートレッグはもしかしたら今までポストした中でも一番変わり者かもしれません。ギルティープレジャー全開なんですが、楽しくて弾むような感じがとってもナイス。天気がいい日に聞くとかなりテンションも上がるような感じ。これまでも再度アップロードしてほしい、とのリクエストもあったのでこのチャンスにしておきます。


Download: PeterLicht – Sonnendeck 2011 (Tonka Treatment)

Capsule – Feelin’ Alright (Golden-Guitar Remix) [Original Post]
I’m sure enough time has now passed now to say who the ‘mysterious‘ Golden-Guitar was, click here for the reveal. This remix of Capsule’s “Feelin’ Alight” is by far better than any officially commissioned remix and a bit of a transformation from the original, re-energising it will frantic guitars and way better cowbells.

当時はミステリアスだったGolden-Guitarですが、今となっては時効という事で気になる人はここをチェック。このCapsuleの”Feelin’ Alight“リミックスは他のどのリミックスよりも良くて、オリジナルにギターとカウベルで更にパワーを注入した感じになってます。

Download: Capsule – Feelin’ Alright (Golden-Guitar Remix)

Captain Sensible – Wot (Kap10Kurt Rework) [Original Post]
Kap10Kurt’s choice of track for a little bootleg action here is quite inspired, he makes great use of the bass parts and doesn’t ruin the greatness of the original. Still think it was rather cool of him to part with such a DJ Weapon that would probably fit into a ton of disco sets now, with relative ease.


Download: Captain Sensible – Wot (Kap10kurt Rework)

The Twelves – Night Vision (Cover of Daft Punk)
This is still the best example of how to cover something and actually not just cover it, completely steal it from the original authors and run away laughing because of how easy you made look. The Twelves actually did a remix a few months ago, whilst we were away from blogging. Nice to know they are kinda alive.

色んなアーティストがカバーをする事はよくありますが、ただカバーしても面白くない場合も多いのが現実。このThe Twelvesのカバーは単純なカバーではなくて、オリジナルをうまく利用した最高の出来になってます。所で私達がブログから離れてる間にThe Twelvesがリミックスを作っていたようですね。彼らが復活したようで何よりです。

Download: Daft Punk – Night Vision (The Twelves cover)

Aug 232011


Pase Rock recently gave away the Shazam mix of his single “Nights”. It’s been too long since we’ve heard the smooth funky synths of the Australian wonderkid, hope that album of his eventually makes it’s way to a release!

Pase Rockは最近、シングル”Nights”のShazamミックスを無料で配信したようです。っていうかShazamは最近どうしているのでしょうか!?是非ともアルバムで彼の得意なスムースでファンキーなシンセを聞きたいものです!

Download - Pase Rock – Nights (Shazam Mix)
Preview –