Mar 122012

This is pretty good, it has Donnie Darko in it and everything… and Donnie Darko is waaaay better than Ryan Gosling. Look how angry his face is, can Ryan Gosling do that sort of angry face? Can he fuck.

これ、なかなか面白い。Donnie Darkoが出てたりして。Donnie Darkoは怒った顔すら出来ない様なRyan Goslingなんかよりずっとずっと良いんです。

SebastiAn even did a really good remix too. No, really. It’s fun. It’s like, it’s all the good bits about 2007 all over again… what is going on?


Download: The Shoes – Time To Dance (SebastiAn Remix)

Get it all on iTunes. Well done The Shoes!
iTunesにて全部ゲット出来ます。Well done The Shoes!

Jun 012011

It’s actually called “Organia”. But, y’know…. for me, it will always be “Spiders”.


Download - SebastiAn – Spiders
Preview –

Total is out today. It’s worth buying on CD tbh.. but, iTunes if you <3 Digital.


May 152011


SebastiAn is Sebastian Akchoté a French Electro producer and member of the Ed Banger crew. In 2005 he released the Smoking Kills EP (it’s pretty good) but it’s safe to say it was in 2006 with his track “Ross Ross Ross” did the electro world stand-up and take notice. Personally, at the time, for me it was a bit of revolutionary record because there hadnt been anything that sounded like it before.

The next five years were peppered with the occasional ep, remix and soundtrack work. However, all everybody really wanted was an album and now that album is here. *Spoiler* it’s not shit although it’s pushes it a little bit in places. Time for a track-by-track review of the 22 tracks! Wooo!

1. Hudson River
51 second intro. ELO meets SebastiAn kick drums. Would have been nice if it was longer…

2. Love In Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
SebastiAn meets Prince. It really works. Lots of really nice string flourishes etc.

3. Tough Games
41 second interlude. Quite skippable!

4. Embody
SebastiAn meets Prince via cancer. Incredibly catchy, it will grow on you fast.

5. Ross Ross Ross
Despite me thinking it was the best track of all time in 2006. It’s inclusion seems odd. Been updated a little, not much.

6. Fried
Cut-up SebastiAn madness. Does sound dated and slightly like a sketch that has just recieved some polishing.

7. Kindercut
A Sneaky Sound System remix from 2007. It’s good but feels a bit cheeky that he’s put that on his debut album..

8. Water Games
Bit chessy 80’s porno music. 38 Second interlude.

9. Total

10. Jack Wire (Instrumental Version)
It’s the kind of track that Skrillex keeps on trying to make but cant, because he has a need to put “epic sick drops” and “wobbles” in his music. If you are reading Skrilly, this is what a “banger” sounds like.

11. C.T.F.O. (feat. M.I.A)
Oh M.I.A please fuck off. Did you say “trolling” in this track? Really? Pffffft.

12. Cartoon
Interlude. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

13. Arabest
SebastiAn meets Breakbot. Which kinda weird if you think about it. It’s nice and very dancey though.

14. Prime
Funky SebastiAn style track featuring some horns and lots of kickdrums. yaaaaay!

15. Mean Games
Another interlude. This one actually doesnt suck. Cut up strings ahoy. Annoyingly it builds and leaves you wanting a bit more.

16. Tetra
Classical tinged banger-electro. Filled with all the SebastiAn trademark production. Highly enjoyable.

17. Motor
Still highly annoying, I would have rather “Momy” instead. Oh well…

18. Night
Another interlude. Quite nice. Sounds like something from the Steak soundtrack.

19. Yes
Best track on the album! If this isn’t a single… I will be throughly annoyed. Everything about it is amazing.

20. Bird Games
Stupid interlude. Zzzz

21. Doggg
Originally on Ed Rec 3. This annoys the shit out of most people. I still like it… haha.

21. Frustra
Stupid outro… some might find it amusing.


In places “Total” is alot fun. A reminder of why SebastiAn is such an exciting artist and why there was such anticipation around the album. However, it’s let down by quality control and odd track selections. You cant help but feel that despite having loads of ideas SebastiAn struggles to turn them into full pieces of music, the longest track on the album is 4:07 and I’m guessing the overall average is just under 3 minutes a track. It can leave you underwhelmed. It’s totally worth buying  just for the good stuff though.

“Total” is out May 29th on Ed Banger/Because Music.

Mar 182011

Ed Banger may have gone off the radar a little but this week they’ve shown they’ve still got some magic left in them, what with everybody going crazy for the new Justice single, they’ve decided to tease us with a new track from SebastiAn, ‘Embody’. I was terrified of this being a massive disappointment. It’s not. It’s actually a really refreshing move from the French producer…

Ed Bangerはもしかしたら既に気持ち古い存在になってるかもしれませんが、まだ大丈夫かも?なんて思うような事が今週はありました。きっとみんなfor Justiceのニューシングルに興奮したでしょう。そして更にSebastiAnの’Embody’までチラホラ出てきました。正直このトラックに期待はしてなかったんですが、心配は必要無かったようです。これは是非チェックしてほしい、そんなトラックです。

It really does seem like his debut album will be out in May!