Nov 262012

Seasfire are four-piece from Bristol who have been on the receiving end of support from the likes of Huw Stephens and Annie Mac (they are Radio 1 DJ’s).  They are about to release their next single, ‘How Do You Sleep‘ on December 2nd on the Cheap Thrills label.

Seasfire はRadio1のDJ、 Huw Stephens やAnnie Mac から支持を受けているイギリス・ブリストル出身の4人組。そんな彼らが12月2日にCheap Thrills からシングル、 ’How Do You Sleep‘ をリリースします。

Most importantly (to us) they’ve received the remix treatment from Mighty Mouse, the man who rarely makes bad remixes. This is a little different from what you might usually expect from a Mighty Mouse remix, it’s quite ‘electro-disco‘ and it reminds me a tiny bit of that remix Aeroplane did of The Human League. It’s definitely the type of remix you can expect to see popping-up in everybody’s mixtapes in December…

そしてリミックスで失敗は滅多にしない、Mighty Mouse が登場。いつもの感じとはちょっと違ったエレクトロディスコなリミックスで、ちょっとだけAeroplane のHuman League リミックスを思い出す様な感じもチラホラ。きっと色んな人の12月のミックステープに登場する事になるでしょう。