Oct 272011

Rhythm Droid‘s “Sunrise On Planet Tokyo” is a getting a re-release and re-mastering courtesy of Keenhouse’s Sunlinxx label. If you dont remember, two years ago we made it our “Track of 2009“. So we wont bore you again with details of it’s powerful awesomeness….

Rhythm Droidの”Sunrise On Planet Tokyo“がリマスターされてKeenhouseのレーベル、Sunlinxxより再リリース! 知らない人の為に言っておきますが、このトラックは私達の2009年ベストトラックになったものです。なので詳細については省略します。

Rhythm Droid – Sunrise On Planet Tokyo 

It is now supported with a Keenhouse remix though. Get your percussion-house vibes on.


Rhythm Droid – Sunrise On Planet Tokyo (Keenhouse Remix)

Buy on Juno.


Nov 292010


We hope you like Shinichi Osawa because over the next few days we are going to be posting remixes from his forthcoming “SO:2 Remixes” album which is being released in Japan on Dec 1st. We are starting with Rhythm Droid‘s remix of “Zingaro”. Rhythm Droid is perhaps one of the most underrated producers out there at the moment. Despite receiving props from Aeroplane last year and being our “track of 2009″ for Sunrise On planet Tokyo he continues to travel slightly under the radar.

今日から数日間はちょっとした大沢伸一ウイークを行います。なぜなら “SO:2 Remixes”が12月1日に日本でリリースされるからです!まず初日を飾るのがRhythm Droidによる本当に本当に素敵な”Zingaro”リミックス。本当に彼はもっともっと注目されるべき人物だと思います。去年はAeroplaneからのサポートなんかもあったりSunrise On planet Tokyoが去年のトラック第1位にもなったんだから是非注目して欲しい!!

We are thinking his remix of “Zingaro” will change this somewhat as it’s quite hard to ignore this fabulous re-working. Really, nobody is producing stuff like he is at the moment. This is a joyous 7 minute electro-squelchy ride of a mix.


Shinichi Osawa – Zingaro (Rhythm Droid Remix)

Shinichi Osawa – SO2: Remixes on iTunes (Japan-Only)

大沢伸一 – SO2: RemixesはiTunesにて。

Aug 262010

Considering he made our track of last year, we haven’t featured the magnificence that is Devon Hughes a.k.a Rhythm Droid nearly enough of the blog this year. This is partially because we hadn’t been paying attention to his soundcloud and that he’s been busy moving to Los Angeles. He also been remixing some cool cats, which you can check out over on his myspace.

去年のベストトラックに選ばれたのにもかかわらず今年に入ってからDevon Hughes a.k.a Rhythm Droidについてほとんど触れることがありませんでした。なぜなら彼のsoundcloudをちゃんとチェックしてなかった事と彼はロスに引越しなんかして忙しかったからで、でもどうやら彼は素敵なリミックスなんかを作っていたようで、彼のmyspaceでチェック出来ます。

These are some of the recent-ish treats he’s put up for free over on his soundcloud, you can get a few more over there, so I would advise you to get over there quite quickly (100 download limit and all that).


“Bang Bang” is Rhythm Droid at his frantic bleepy tech-house best, so much pure energy in this track. Where as “I’m Sorry I Made You Cry” is a cute melancholic electro track, which leaves you wanting more, it’s short and probably a demo. I most certainly hope there is more of this track to come!!

“Bang Bang”はブリーピーなテックハウスビートとエネルギッシュな感じがとっても素敵で、”I’m Sorry I Made You Cry”はとっても可愛らしいメランコリックなエレクトロトラックで、恐らくデモなのでしょうがもっと聞きたい!って思うようなトラックです。今後こんな感じのトラックがもっと聞けたらいいなぁと思います!

Download – Rhythm Droid – Bang Bang [M]
Preview –

Download – Rhythm Droid – I’m Sorry I Made You Cry (Mono) [M]
Preview –