Jan 242012

I don’t really know much about Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover, actor, musician etc etc. However, what I do know comes from Hipster Runoff and whilst it’s funny, it’s not the most reliable resource. I do know Oliver remixes though, they rarely disappoint and this one they’ve done of his song “Heartbeat” is no exception.

Childish Gambino aka Donald Gloverは役者で、ミュージシャンでもあるらしいんですが、正直そこまで良くは知りませんが、Hipster Runoffに載っているような情報は知っています。なかなか面白いですよ。まぁどこまで信用していいのかは謎ですが、それは置いておきましょう。今日一番大事なポイントはOliver のリミックスです。今回彼らの作った”Heartbeat” リミックスは期待を裏切ることなくやっぱり素敵です。

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (Oliver Remix)

It appears to only be out on iTunes in America though… :-(


Jan 182012

When doing our end of year lists (see sidebar, or not, if this is waaaay in the future), we *were* also going to do a ‘Sound of 2012′ list. One of those things where you predict people who are good will go on to get the success they deserve. Oliver were top of that list (didnt get around to it because the moment passed etc) because if somebody gave them a bag of money to make an album, it would be awesome.

Just thought I’d mention that….


Their new single Dirty Talk has just been released by Kitsune, it’s a bit of an electro-disco-banger. There is even a bit which you could classify as having a drop/go crazy moment. However, none of the nice melody is sacrificed. Which is actually quite refreshing….

彼らのニューシングル、Dirty TalkはKitsuneからリリースされています。ちょっとエレクトロディスコバンガーで、更には(敢えて訳しませんが)drop/go crazyな瞬間すら聞こえてくる感じもあったり。だからと言ってトラックが台無しとかでは全くないですのでご安心を。とっても爽快でお勧めです。

Oliver – Dirty Talk [Beatport]

Bonus tiiiiiiiime w/ funk guitaaaaaarghhh.

Oliver – Walk With Me [M]

Oct 242011



I will be honest, I really wasnt paying attention to anything to do with Aeroplane‘s “In Flight Entertainment” compilation because I didnt see the point of it. The dude puts out monthly mix-charts which you can download for free. They also have fairly upfront and ‘exclusive’ tracks in them, which is one of the main selling points of the “In Flight Entertainment” compilation, the exclusive content. I really had no plans to review it, talk about it and I had just planned to shrug my shoulders and move on with life.

Big mistake.

In Flight Entertainment” is well, simply, very good. It’s actually so good, I don’t want to spoil it too much by giving away stuff about it. Because one of the great things about this compilation is the surprise element. So here are some good things that are already known…

There is only one original track from Aeroplane on it, I’m surprised because the temptation to put loads of your own material in your own compilation must be quite high. The track is “Save Me Now“, it’s a very catchy and bouncey pop-song. One of those tracks you’ll end up repeat playing loads. I hope it gets a proper single release in the near future…

Aeroplane – Save Me Now

There are no remixes on the compilation either, every track is an original and I think there might be a reason behind it, a couple of the artists are perhaps more known for their remix work (I think the press release also mentions something along these lines..), than their original productions and the compilation allows a few people who may have question-marks over their heads to shut the nay-sayers up. Which is nice.

There are some tracks which do steal the show a little bit, Herr Styler‘s “Zero Ghosts Out The Door” is pretty outrageous. It’s music for Pirates (of the sailing kind yo!) meets studio ghibli and it really is something special.

Herr Styler – Zero ghosts out the door by Herr Styler

And Oliver continue their fine run of form with their classical nu-disco symphony “Memories of The Future“. It’s more Daft Punk than Daft Punk… if that makes sense?

Oliver – Memories Of The Future

I could go on. The Poolside track “Take Me Home” is the perfect opening track.  Martin Dubka‘s “Through Thorns To The Stars” is one of the best ‘dramatic disco’ tracks I’ve heard all year (dude is going to be big) and Drop Out Orchestra’s “It Will Never Be The Same Again” is another quality tune from an act that have been on fire all year.

Drop Out Orchestra // It Will Never Be The Same Again (CLIP)

But that’s it. No more spoilers… and if you do want to spoil it, you can just google the tracklisting or something….

If I had any gripes, two of the tracks on compilation are a ‘little’ weak… but out of 13.. that’s not bad at all and they might sound weak because the others are so strong.

Oh… and if you are wondering, it’s all mixed together really well. It’s Aeroplane. Haha.

Score - (=^・ェ・^=)/10

It’s out today in various formats.

iTunes / Juno (CD) / Vinyl Sampler 1 / Vinyl Sampler 2


Sep 082011

Sneaky Sound System – Big (Oliver Remix)

Oliver have made another brilliant remix, this time Sneaky Sound System have benefited from their touch. These guys are unstoppable at the moment. Hope they get around to doing an EP at somepoint!

Oliverがまたまた素敵なリミックスを作ったようです。今回はSneaky Sound System。彼らは本当にノリにのっていますね。早くEPなんか出来てくれないかな~。

The remix is “Out soon” on Modular.


Aug 122011

The generosity of Housse De Racket continues, after giving away the awesome single “Roman” they’ve only just gone a given away the Oliver remix of the track!!!!!!1111!!!111!!!

なんとも寛大なHousse De Racketが 既に素敵なシングル”Roman”をフリーで配信したにもかかわらず、 今度はOliver のリミックスまで大放出!

Housse De Racket – Roman (Oliver Remix) [Download]

The single release also has a remix from boy-wonder Robotaki on it. Hype?

このシングルのリリースには Robotakiのリミックスも収録されています。

Housse De Racket – Roman (Robotaki Remix)

Roman is released August 28th.
Housse De Racket’s album, Alesia, out on August 22nd. Pre-Order here.

Housse De Racketのアルバム Alesiaは日本ではぜっざん発売中、その他は8月22日リリース。プレオーダーはコチラ。