Aug 152014


Every now and then Mighty Mouse gives us glimpses of his electro side and his remix of Mason‘s “Gotta Have You Back” most definitely showcases this. Seems a bit odd to point this out, but the section towards the end of this remix is rather marvellous. The single is out now and backed with further remixes from the likes of Beni and Kraak & Smaak.

今日紹介するのはMighty MouseMason、”Gotta Have You Back“リミックス。彼らしいエレクトロさが出ているし、特にエンディングに向かうあたりがかなりナイス。このシングルは絶賛発売中で、他にもBeniとKraak & Smaakのリミックスが入っています。

Jul 262014


Time for another one of the fabulous from Mighty Mouse’s “Edit Tape and you really shouldn’t miss out on the insane amount of disco-fun that is his take on Yello’s “The Race“. It’s also worth nudging you in the direction of this soundcloud page, where you can pick up all the edits from the mix for absolutely nothing ;).

Mighty Mouseの素敵な”Edit Tapeから今回も別なトラックをご紹介。彼のYelloの”The Race“エディットはディスコ感が大炸裂。因にこのsound cloudページにて他のエディットもゲット出来るんで是非チェックしてみましょう!

Jul 092014


Mighty Mouse has unleashed the edits from his edit tape and whilst they are all of a very high standard, his smart re-configuring of A-Ha’s “Cry Wolf” left me with the same excitement that his infamous ‘Midnight Mouse’ Abba bootleg did and to even think I’m comparing the two must mean this is a very good thing indeed.

Mighty Mouse質の高いトラックがいっぱい詰まった彼のエディットテープからA-Haの”Cry Wolf“を公開。このエディットは彼による‘Midnight Mouse’ Abbaブートレッグと同じ様な楽しい雰囲気があってかなりおススメなので是非チェックを!

Be sure to stay tuned to Mighty Mouse’s upcoming shows… well, cos they are good.

そしてMighty Mouseの今後のショーも行ける人は是非見てみて下さい。

Jun 262014



Mighty Mouse is here to save the day (or disco, you decide), with a collection of Edits he’s made all compiled into the form of a lovely mixtape. He plans to give away the edits over time (The A-Ha one is my fave btw). Until then though, get downloading this mixtape already!

Mighty Mouseがあなたの退屈な一日を救うべく彼のエディットを盛り込んだ素敵なミックステープを作ってくれましたよ。これらのエディットは今後フリーでゲット出来る様になる予定だそうで(ちなみに個人的なお気に入りはA-Haのやつです。)、それ迄の間はこのミックスを聞いて待ちましょう。

1. Yello – The Race (Mighty Mouse Edit)
2. Smokey Robinson – Mickeys Monkey (Mighty Mouse Edit)
3. Sister Sledge – You Fooled Around (Mighty Mouse Edit)
4. Debbie Jacobs – High On Your Love (Mighty Mouse Edit)
5. Odyssey – Use It up, Wear it Out (Mighty Mouse Edit)
6. Trio – Da Da Da (Mighty Mouse Edit)
7. AHA – Cry Wolf (Mighty Mouse Edit)

And… if you missed it…


Dec 122013


British producer Mighty Mouse channels some serious Norwegian Space-Disco vibes into his latest remix for Australian duo Back Back Forward Punch and their new single ‘Emergency Bow Tie‘. You can pick up the remix as a free download on the soundcloud player below, be sure to give them a follow on their soundcloud page in return.

イギリス人プロデューサー、Mighty Mouseがオーストラリアのデュオ、Back Back Forward Punchのニュートラック’Emergency Bow Tie‘をリミックス。ノルウェイのスペースディスコ感溢れる感じに仕上がっていてお勧めです。soundcloud、もしくは下でフリーダウンロード出来ちゃいます。ダウンロードした際にはフォローもお忘れなく。

Mar 212012


Mighty Mouse has been on fire lately with his remix work. This new remix he’s done of Nyteowl’s “Love Of Mine” is not what you’d normally expect from him. Taking his disco sound into a slightly heavier electronic direction at a time when the whole nu-disco sound needs shaking up is a pretty smart and refreshing move.

最近リミックスが特に絶好調のMighty Mouse。このNyteowlの “Love Of Mine” リミックスは、ちょっといつもディスコサウンドとは違って、普段よりちょっぴりヘビーになってます。最近のニューディスコすぎる雰囲気に少しだけ渇を入れる感じで素敵です。

He also uses the ‘Pop corn synth’ which means I just like it on that level too.

更に、彼はあの’Pop corn’ のシンセまで使っていて、嫌いになれる訳がない!って感じ。

Nyteowl – Love Of Mine (Mighty Mouse Remix) [Juno]

Check the Mighty Mouse facebook for details of an American tour!

 Mighty Mouseのfacebookで彼のアメリカツアーもチェック!

Mar 082012


(those eight minutes passed kinda quick, didn’t they? Listen again!)

It’s exclusively on Mighty Mouse‘s “Disco Circus Vol.3” if you are wondering what it might sound like, then head over here…. コチラはMighty Mouseの “Disco Circus Vol.3” に収録されています。興味のある方はココへ行っちゃえ!