Sep 012010

A while back we featured the marvelous freebie Computer Malfunction E.P from French-House’s 9yr old prodigal son Kamei. If that wasn’t crazy enough he then got a whole bunch of people to remix the EP and he then put that out for free (we kinda missed that btw) and now my favourite track on the original ep ‘Planetary’ has been remixed by my favourite cheese eating, Ruth Flowers loving Australian, Moonchild. Reminiscent of Daft Punk’s “Revolution 909″ and that is not just a throwaway comparison ;-).

前にフレンチハウスが特徴のKamei素敵にもタダというComputer Malfunction E.Pをポストしましたが、なんと彼はリミックスを集めてそれをまたタダで配信中だとの事!オリジナルのお気に入りだった ‘Planetary’Ruth Flowers大好きなMoonchildにリミックスされました。ちょっとDaft Punkの”Revolution 909″に似た感じもして、要チェックです。

Download - Kamei – Planetary (Moonchild’s “4 Months Late” Remix) [M]
Preview -

Free downloads on Kamei’s myspace.


Apr 132010

Kamei is a French/Filter/Disco/Funky/Electro House Disco producer from Brazil, his real name is Lucas Hideki Kamei, he is also about 8yrs old. Just kidding! But he is obscenely young though…. We’ve featured him a couple of times on the blog and now he’s putting out his debut EP, ‘Computer Malfunction’ for the superb price of nothing.  It’s great collection of cut-up disco tunes, y’know tunes to get you dancing. If you need persuasion of it’s quality check out ‘Falling In Love’ because it’s a whole bunch of fun.

ブラジルのディスコプロデューサーのKamei、本名Lucas Hideki Kameiはまたまた若い才能あるアーティストです。彼は何回かブログにても紹介してきましたが、今回は彼のデビューEP’Computer Malfunction’をご紹介。しかも全てゲットできちゃうっていう素晴らしい話です。カットアップなディスコチューンが盛りだくさんなEPで踊りたくなっちゃいますよ。取り合えず’Falling In Love’を聴いてみてください、きっとハマります。

Kamei – Falling in Love [M] ♥♥

and then maybe check this one, it’s called ‘Planetary’ and is also awesome.


Kamei – Planetary [M] ♥

Or, you can skip all of that and download the whole darn thing!!!


Kamei – Computer Malfunction [Mirror]

01.Intrus Goldman
02.Sasquatch (is Chewbacca)
04.Computer Malfunction
07.Falling in Love