Sep 012010

A while back we featured the marvelous freebie Computer Malfunction E.P from French-House’s 9yr old prodigal son Kamei. If that wasn’t crazy enough he then got a whole bunch of people to remix the EP and he then put that out for free (we kinda missed that btw) and now my favourite track on the original ep ‘Planetary’ has been remixed by my favourite cheese eating, Ruth Flowers loving Australian, Moonchild. Reminiscent of Daft Punk’s “Revolution 909″ and that is not just a throwaway comparison ;-).

前にフレンチハウスが特徴のKamei素敵にもタダというComputer Malfunction E.Pをポストしましたが、なんと彼はリミックスを集めてそれをまたタダで配信中だとの事!オリジナルのお気に入りだった ’Planetary’Ruth Flowers大好きなMoonchildにリミックスされました。ちょっとDaft Punkの”Revolution 909″に似た感じもして、要チェックです。

Download - Kamei – Planetary (Moonchild’s “4 Months Late” Remix) [M]
Preview -

Free downloads on Kamei’s myspace.


Apr 132010

Kamei is a French/Filter/Disco/Funky/Electro House Disco producer from Brazil, his real name is Lucas Hideki Kamei, he is also about 8yrs old. Just kidding! But he is obscenely young though…. We’ve featured him a couple of times on the blog and now he’s putting out his debut EP, ‘Computer Malfunction’ for the superb price of nothing.  It’s great collection of cut-up disco tunes, y’know tunes to get you dancing. If you need persuasion of it’s quality check out ‘Falling In Love’ because it’s a whole bunch of fun.

ブラジルのディスコプロデューサーのKamei、本名Lucas Hideki Kameiはまたまた若い才能あるアーティストです。彼は何回かブログにても紹介してきましたが、今回は彼のデビューEP’Computer Malfunction’をご紹介。しかも全てゲットできちゃうっていう素晴らしい話です。カットアップなディスコチューンが盛りだくさんなEPで踊りたくなっちゃいますよ。取り合えず’Falling In Love’を聴いてみてください、きっとハマります。

Kamei – Falling in Love [M] ♥♥

and then maybe check this one, it’s called ‘Planetary’ and is also awesome.


Kamei – Planetary [M] ♥

Or, you can skip all of that and download the whole darn thing!!!


Kamei – Computer Malfunction [Mirror]

01.Intrus Goldman
02.Sasquatch (is Chewbacca)
04.Computer Malfunction
07.Falling in Love

Dec 042009

Phew! It’s been a busy week at TMS, so we’ve fallen behind on all the lovely tracks nice people have sent our way. This is our attempt to get back on track with things. If you like the music, re-post on your blogs, send to your friends and just be a big mouth by telling everybody about these artists.


First up, we have Kamei, ‘the future sound of Brazil’, he’s 15 years old and is already producing some solid disco-filter tunes. He obviously has a ton of potential if he continues, obviously certain improvement is needed (he’s 15, give the kid a break) but there is no doubting the quality of his track ‘Hot’, a track made for all your DJ sets.

1つめはブラジルのKamei。彼は恐ろしい事に若干15歳。それにも関わらず素敵なディスコサウンドを作り上げちゃう才能のあるアーティストでこのまま行くと将来かなり有望じゃないかと思います。今回紹介するトラック ‘Hot’はDJセットなんかで活躍しそうなお勧めトラックです。

Kamei – Hot (Extended Mix) [M]

Dance music from South Korea? You bet! Mongoloid are DJ KINGmck and Eugene Blake, they have been together since 2008 and are inspired by a weird mixture of things such as; Devo, SebastiAn & Crydamoure. The remix they sent over is part banger, part idm. I am more than intrigued to hear what their original productions sound like.

多分初のエントリーなのが韓国!韓国からのMongoloidはDJ KINGmckとEugene Blakeによるもので2008年から活動を始めていてDevoyaSebastiAnそしてCrydamoureなんていう面白い組み合わせのアーティストに影響を受けたそうです。今回送られてきたリミックスはちょっとバンガー系だったりIDMなんかもあったりで面白いですがオリジナルも是非聞いてみたいと思います。

UJN, NOVA – Electron Energy (Mongoloid Remix) [M]

We were meant to post this brand new mix of Trippple Nippples ‘Cavity’ a few days back, we forgot and apologise. It’s maybe more brain destroying than the original, which means it’s great and should appeal to their fans.

本当はこのTrippple Nippples ‘Cavity’を何日か前にポストするつもりだったんですけど忘れてました。すいません。こちらはオリジナルより脳にダメージが大きいかもしれないですけど彼女達らしいトラックでファンにはたまらないはず。

Trippple Nippples – Cavity (DFTOKYO REMIX) [M]

It’s been a good year for the Binary crew and the NightWaves boys, knocking out great tunes and remixes but keeping the quality high must have been difficult. But they keep on coming and their remix of Noah And The Whale captures that Dreamwave sound they have made their own this year.

今年はBinary crewそしてNightWavesにとっていい年だったんじゃないでしょうか。リミックスはもちろんオリジナルトラックも質が高くて頑張っていたと思います。でもNoah And The Whaleのこのリミックスはいかにもなドリーミーサウンドが満開で心地よいです。

Noah And The Whale – Love of an Orchestra (NightWaves Remix) [M]

Penguin Prison isn’t even properly signed yet? What is going on in the world?! These two mixes of his track ‘A Funny Thing’ are cool, Monarchy bring the stylish pop but Jeffrey Jerusalem edges it with some nice funky nu-disco beats.

未だに所属がちゃんと決まっていないPenguin Prisonですが何で?って感じ。この2つの’A Funny Thing’のリミックスはお勧めでMonarchyはスタイリッシュでポップ、でもJeffrey Jerusalemの方はエッジが聞いたファンキーニューディスコです。

Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing (Jeffrey Jerusalem Remix) [M]
Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing (Monarchy Remix) [M]

Steed Lord have been all over the blogosphere with mixes from their Truth Serum remix project, the generosty should be rewarded. So pick up all the mixes on their album on iTunes. Russ Chimes’ mix is fire btw. But you probably didn’t need to be told that.

ブログ界でも大人気なSteed Lordとリミックスですが中々素敵です。色々聞いてみた結果勿論Russ Chimesのリミックスについては多く語る必要がないと思います。聞きましょう。

Steed Lord – Royal Ruffian (Steed Lord Club Mix) [M]
Steed Lord – Remember Me (Russ Chimes Remix) [M]

Manila Killa sent this out. It’s mental, but fun.

Manila Killaが送ってくれました。逝っちゃってて面白いです。

Manila Killa – 99 Problems in Mushroom Kingdom [M]