Jul 272011

Unsui is the new side project of the quite talented, but never releases anything producer, Hemingway. I am tempted to give him some grief, but these Unsui tracks are so relaxing… and now, my rage has passed and I can tell he’s made these for enjoyment. So, I will just enjoy them.


Anata (rough) by Unsui

Kodama (rough) by Unsui

Nov 182010

There are loads of pretty sweet remixes of Housse De Racket‘s “Oh Yeah!” and now Hemingway throws himself into the melting pot with his “Pacific Boogie” remix and gosh darn this kid knows how to deliver something special and unique. After listening I felt an urge to go visit the rainforest wearing a pimp hat.

Housse De Racketの”Oh Yeah!”には既に素敵リミックスが存在していますが、どうやらHemingwayも参加したようです。”Pacific Boogie”と名づけられたリミックスはユニークでおススメ。聞いた後、ピンプハットを被って熱帯雨林に行きたくなりました。

It’ll make sense when you listen.


Download – Housse De Racket – Oh Yeah! (Hemingway’s Pacific Boogie Remix) [M]

Hemingway said he’ll be releasing his EP next Summer. He better.

Hemingwayによると来年の夏にEPが出るとか。そして彼はBit Funkと共にツアーするそうですよ。(下を見てね)

He is also touring with Disco Unicorn Bit Funk  -
dec 3 – the workout (san jose)
dec 4 – purple lounge (LA)
dec 6 – dragonfly (LA)
dec 10 – fuck fridays (sacramento)
dec 11 – u-31 (san diego)

Jun 022010

Matt Van Schie has released an remix version of his debut EP ‘Balmy Nights’. If you missed ‘Balmy Nights’, you should go check it out because you’re in for a lovely Summertime treat. Anyway, back to remix version of the EP unsurprisingly called ‘Versions’ it features a wealth of talent. Memory Tapes, Diamond Cut and Teenagers In Tokyo are all pretty sweet names to have onboard.

Matt Van SchieがデビューEP’Balmy Nights’のリミックス版をリリース。もしも’Balmy Nights’のEPをまだ聞いてない人は絶対チェックしてください。かなりお勧めなので。そしてこのリミックスEP、タイトルは’Versions’でMemory Tapes, Diamond Cut, Teenagers In Tokyoが参加しています。なかなか良いラインアップです。

If you need some persuasion to go out buy, then check out Hemingway‘s utterly gorgeous remix of ‘Be My lady’. It captures the atmosphere of the original and amplifies it. Sexy.

どんなものか知りたいという人に今回はHemingwayのリミックスをご紹介。それで購買意欲が増すはずです。リミックスしたのは’Be My lady’でオリジナル感が更に活かされていてセクシーな感じでお勧めです。

Download – Matt Van Schie – Be My Lady (Hemingway Remix) [M] ★★
Preview –

This remix from G.L.O.V.E.S we posted a while back is also ‘pretty chill’.


Download - Matt Van Schie – Saturday Night (G.L.O.V.E.S Remix) [M]
Preview –

Available now on Juno.


Final thought.
What do you think Matt is exactly pondering in the artwork?