Mar 022011

The Finnish duo Hannulelauri released their EP “Aura Delta” on Relish Recordings not so long ago. Since their last release, “Super Monkey”, they’ve been making cool remixes and gaining a good reputation. This EP lets you have a comfy disco time full of fun and unique sounds. If you haven’t experienced this, then check the video of one of the tracks “More”, from the release below. Don’t forget a treat from Relish as well!! It’s their remix of Headman’s “Voices”.

フィンランド人デュオHannulelauriがちょっと前にEP”Aura Delta”をRelish Recordingsからリリースしました。彼らは前作、Super Monkey以来素敵リミックスをつくったり、確実に腕をあげてきています。このEPは落ち着いた感じのディスコさがとってもカッコよくて、ユニークで楽しい音もチラホラ聞こえてくるのもポイント。もしもまだチェックしてなかったら収録トラックの1つでもあるMore”のビデオを下でチェックしましょう。そしてRelishからのプレゼント、彼らのHeadmanの”Voices”リミックスも絶対チェックするように!とっても綺麗でセンチメンタルな7分間を堪能してみてね。

DownloadHeadman – voices (Hannulelauri dub)

Pick up the EP at Beatport.


Sep 162010

Headman lost some remixes, he then went and found them again. Turns out they were down the back of his sofa. Typical. Pretty bloody amazing he’s made them free full-quality downloads!!! Surprised nobody else jumped on these to be honest…


Download - Tiga – Beep Beep Beep (Headman Remix)
Preview -

Download - Doves – Compulsion (Headman Dub Remix)
Preview -

Headman on Beatport.


Sep 132010

Hannulelauri is a disco-house duo of Hannu Nieminen and Lauri Soini from Helsinki, Finland. They have just released their new single called ‘Super Monkey’ from Relish Recordings. Some of you might know them by their track called ‘Zombie Tropicana’ (which is a B side of this single) from Aeroplane’s August Chart.

フィンランド、ヘルシンキのHannu NieminenとLauri SoiniによるディスコハウスデュオHannulelauriはつい最近Relish Recordingsからシングル’Super Monkey’をリリースしたばかり。彼らの事はAeroplane August Chartに収録されていた’Zombie Tropicana’ (因みにシングルのBサイドです。)で知った人もいるかもしれません。

This Single has already recieved lots of love by Vito (Aeroplane), Jack (Friendly Fires), Pilooski, Jim Stanton (Horse Meat Disco), Renaissance Man, The Magician and so on. Isn’t that interesting? It’s pleasant, good enough to make you dance whole way through the track. If you haven’t checked it, you should do so!

このシングルは既にVito (Aeroplane), Jack (Friendly Fires), Pilooski, Jim Stanton (Horse Meat Disco), Renaissance Man, The Magicianなんかからサポートを受けていて、それだけで興味そそられませんか?凄いファンキーなディスコハウスって感じはないけれど心地よく踊れる感じのナイスなトラックでまだ聞いてない人は要チェックです!

We are posting the rework by Headman! This is actually exquisitively done. didn’t do too much but made it slightly funkier? I guess. If you like it, you should get the whole package!


Download – Hannulelauri – Super Monkey (Headman Rework)
Preview –

Buy it on Beatport.


Jul 082010

Relish Recordings overlord Headman has a new release dropping on July 16th, it’s called ‘Fluctuation’ and will feature the remixing talents of The Swiss, Tim Goldsworthy, Cecile and Shout Out Out Out Out.

Relish RecordingsHeadmanが7月16日にニューリリースがあるようです。タイトルは’Fluctuation’で、こちらはThe Swiss, Tim Goldsworthy, Cecile, Shout Out Out Out Outのリミックスが付いてくるようですよ。

We’re posting the mix that Australian outfit The Swiss did of ‘New Zombie’, it’s not typical of their usual output and is a little bit cheesy, but in a totally good and cool way. After you listened to it you won’t be surprised to learn that Tiga is a fan.

その中からオーストラリアのThe Swissのリミックスをご紹介。’New Zombie’のリミックスですが彼らのいつものスタイルとはちょっと違ってちょっぴり安くささもありつつなかなか素敵なリミックスです。これを聞いたらTigaがファンだっていうのも納得します。

Download - Headman – New Zombie (The Swiss Fresh FM Remix) [M]
Preview -

Check out some teasers on Soundcloud.


1. Fluctuation
2. Fluctuation (Cécile Remix)
3. Fluctuation (Thee Loving Hand Remix Edit By Tim Goldsworthy)
4. New Zombie (The Swiss Fresh FM Mix)
5. Assassin (Shout Out Out Out Out Remix)


1. Fluctuation
2. Fluctuation (Cécile Remix)
3. Fluctuation (Thee Loving Hand Remix Edit By Tim Goldsworthy)
4. New Zombie (The Swiss Fresh FM Mix)

Mar 262010

‘Private Show’ is the forthcoming single release from Relish label owner Headman. We’ve been dropped a ‘video edit’, alt dub and the dub of the second Tape To Tape remix (yeah, there’s two!) as small tasters of what is heading our way on April 16th. Massive 80’s vibe going on in these and that awesome ‘pew’ sound can be heard in the video edit and alt dub. We like that ‘pew’ sound ever so much, it’s the future of music. Go check them out!

‘Private Show’はレーベルRelishのオーナーでもあるHeadmanのニューシングルで今回はビデオエディット、alt dubそしてTape To Tapeの2つ目のリミックスのdubのティーザー(ってことは勿論二つあるって事です。)を頂きました。コチラは4月16日にリリースです。80年代の雰囲気がプンプンする感じで’ピュー’っていうサウンドが素敵です。これはビデオエディット、alt dubで聞こえます。要チェック!

Headman – Private Show (Video Edit) [M]
Headman – Private Show (Alternative Dub Version) [M]
Headman – Private Show (tape to tape Remix II Dub) [M]