Jul 222011

Kimbra is a female singer-songwriter from New Zealand. If I am really honest, I only know her from that Miami Horror track, “I Look To You”. However, I don’t think this actually a bad starting point, because that song is pretty good. She is currently working on her debut album in Australia and to get everybody all excited they’ve only gone and got GLOVES to remix one of the singles and you can download that now. Not bad!

Kimbraとはニュージーランドのシンガーソングライターで、彼女の事はMiami Horrorの“I Look To You”で知った位なのが本当のところ。でもあのトラックはなかなか素敵だし、しかも彼女は今デビューアルバムをオーストラリアで製作中で、しかもその中からのシングルトラックがGLOVESにリミックスされたとか。これは気になる!

Download - Kimbra – Cameo Lover (Gloves Remix)
Preview – Download Kimbra Cameo Lover (GLOVES Remix)

Shook has done a remix which you can grab over at Sheena Beaston, happy times!

Shookのリミックスもあるようですよ、 コチラは Sheena Beastonにてゲットできます。要チェック。

Jul 152011

Justin Faust is a German person who has a beard, the beard is actually a living entity and has been responsible for making some good EP’s and remixes over the years. The beard has a new EP out. It’s called “Girl Talk”. I was worried when I saw the cover, because it looked like the artwork of one of those bands that use tons of reverb. I had worried that the German they call “Justin” had shaved the very talented beard. :-(

Justin Faustはドイツ人の髭がトレードマークのプロデューサーで、実はその髭こそがキーポイント。彼の髭はちゃんと生きていて、今までの素晴らしい音楽はこの髭のパワーがとっても役にたってるらしいです。そんな彼(と髭)の新しいEPをリリース。”Girl Talk”というタイトルで、このアートワークを見たときはちょっとチルウェーブ的な感じになってるんじゃないか、更に彼は既に髭をそってしまったんじゃないか、と心配をしてしまいました。

The fears were quickly put to sleep when I listened to it. The artwork is misleading. It’s groovy-disco-o-clock backed with a whoa! selection of remixes and if you need convincing…. then check this selection of soundclouds below yo!


Justin Faust – Girl Talk by Justin Faust

Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Gloves Remix) by Justin Faust

Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Herr Styler Remix) by Justin Faust

Out now on Beatport. And investigate two other originals on soundcloud.


Jun 022010

Matt Van Schie has released an remix version of his debut EP ‘Balmy Nights’. If you missed ‘Balmy Nights’, you should go check it out because you’re in for a lovely Summertime treat. Anyway, back to remix version of the EP unsurprisingly called ‘Versions’ it features a wealth of talent. Memory Tapes, Diamond Cut and Teenagers In Tokyo are all pretty sweet names to have onboard.

Matt Van SchieがデビューEP’Balmy Nights’のリミックス版をリリース。もしも’Balmy Nights’のEPをまだ聞いてない人は絶対チェックしてください。かなりお勧めなので。そしてこのリミックスEP、タイトルは’Versions’でMemory Tapes, Diamond Cut, Teenagers In Tokyoが参加しています。なかなか良いラインアップです。

If you need some persuasion to go out buy, then check out Hemingway‘s utterly gorgeous remix of ‘Be My lady’. It captures the atmosphere of the original and amplifies it. Sexy.

どんなものか知りたいという人に今回はHemingwayのリミックスをご紹介。それで購買意欲が増すはずです。リミックスしたのは’Be My lady’でオリジナル感が更に活かされていてセクシーな感じでお勧めです。

Download – Matt Van Schie – Be My Lady (Hemingway Remix) [M] ★★
Preview –

This remix from G.L.O.V.E.S we posted a while back is also ‘pretty chill’.


Download - Matt Van Schie – Saturday Night (G.L.O.V.E.S Remix) [M]
Preview –

Available now on Juno.


Final thought.
What do you think Matt is exactly pondering in the artwork?