Feb 012012

Gigamesh has remixed LA-Based Indie-Pop band Grouplove taking their song “Tongue Tied” and turning it into a fun disco-pop song which is in the same spirit as a track from Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” era.

Gigameshがロスのインディーポップバンド、Grouploveの”Tongue Tied” をリミックス。楽しいディスコポップに大変身して、Michael Jacksonの “Off The Wall” みたいな匂いがプンプンしております。

Grouplove – Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix) [Download]

Grouplove are going to be doing some shows in the UK soon. More details on this link.


Dec 152011

Gigamesh has made a very fun edit of a pretty well known disco classic, a bit of a guilty pleasure that will easily get you dancing.


Gigamesh – Burnin [Download]

Gigamesh also has a remix version of his ep out. Probably worth a look?


Gigamesh – People (Cyclist Remix)

Nov 232011

Gigamesh (of Space Dinosaur Stuff EP fame) has remixed Kitsuné act Citizens! (thats not me being overly excited, they spell their name with “!'”). It doesnt differ too heavily from the original, which is a pretty cutesy indie-pop thing. It just gives it a nice and subtle nu-romantic vibe.

Gigamesh (あのSpace DinosaurなEPでお馴染の) が、Kitsuné の Citizens! (因みにビックリマークは元から付いていたもので、特別興奮してる訳ではないですよ) をリミックス。インディーポップらしい可愛らしいオリジナルから大変身っていうリミックスではないけれど、ニューロマンティックでやりすぎない、素敵な感じになっております。

Citizens! – True Romance (Gigamesh Remix)

Nov 182011


This is the cover for Gigamesh‘s first ever EP. It’s called ‘Gigamesh EP’……. and that’s not very exciting really, is it?

コチラはGigameshのファーストEPのカバーです。見て解るように’Gigamesh EP’というタイトルで、非常にシンプルなんですが…



From here on in, this is now the artwork and the ep title. I bet you are all like, “wow, wonder what Gigamesh’s space dinosaur stuff ep sounds like?“.

The answer to this question is, “yo, it’s called space dinosaur stuff, it sounds awesome and is totally unboring and is must have space dinosaur disco mayhem win“.




There are two other tracks, which are just as space dinosaur as these two. You know what you have to do……

Uh.. buy it.


Bonuses freebie things which are also GREAT -

Gigamesh – It’s So Intense (Fare Soldi “Enrico Pallazzo” rmx) [Download]

Gigamesh – Red Light (Goldroom Remix) [Download]

Oct 052011

Gigamesh has lent his touch to Theophilus London (again) and his ‘Moonlight’ version of “I Stand Alone” sounds like it came from the Scarface soundtrack. Which is no bad thing, yeah?

GigameshがまたまたTheophilus Londonの”I Stand Alone”を ‘Moonlight’バージョンでリミックス。なんだかスカーフェイスのサントラなんかに入っててもおかしくない様な感じで、是非聞いてみてほしいのです。

Theophilus London – I Stand Alone (Gigamesh Moonlight Remix)

Sep 152011

Gigamesh is about to drop his debut EP… called uh.. “Gigamesh” on October 4th and to get us all excited he’s made a RAC remix of the lead single available for free download. GIGAMESH + RAC = YES.


Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing (RAC Remix) [Download]

There is a Cassian remix to look forward to on Sept 27th!


May 082011

A whole two days later, still unsure about Foster The People. A whole two day later, another great remix of their material…. So maybe they aren’t entirely terrible. Gigamesh lends his touch to “the hit”, Pumped Up Kicks. Full of piano, funky guitars, pew sounds etc. It’s generally a bit of summer-disco banger.

丸2日たっても未だ解明出来てないFoster The Peopleですが、丸2日しか経ってないのに更に素敵なリミックスを発見。これってそこまでひどくないっていう事でしょうか。Gigameshがヒットにつながる様な感じに仕上げていて、ピアノ、ファンキーなギター、ピューっていう事と共に夏に相応しいディスコバンガ―が完成です。

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix) [Download]