Oct 162013


When I think music, I think of two guys. Robbie Savage and Dave Berry. These two have changed the playing field of music due to their feverous social networking antics, always on hand to give advice on making songs more manly and more edm.



With this in mind, we asked them to compile a list of their most essential edm tribute tracks, that were also manly. Take it away, lads.

Dubstep Masters – Breakn A Sweat (Tribute to Skrillex)

Dave says: “Very manly. The perfect track to do manly things to, like buying fishing rods”
Robbie says: “Outdoes Skrillex for me, the”yeuuughhhhs” are done in the most 320 way I’ve ever heard”

Music Junkie – It’s You (Tribute To Duck Sauce)

Dave says: “It’s You. More like, “It’s Man”.
Robbie says: “Love the production on the “Boing”, sublime”.

Chart Hitz – You Make Me (Tribute to Avicii)

Dave says: “I chop wood to this. That is how manly it is”
Robbie says: “I swear, I thought this was actually Avicii. Superb”

Bass Monster – Feel The Moment (Tribute to Pitbull & Christina Aguilera)

Dave says: “I do sex to this”
Robbie says: “I also do sex to this.”

Swag Kings – Sweet Nothing (Tribute to Calvin Harris)

Dave says: “Raw, pure and most certainly 100% Man. I know man when I hear it and this is it”
Robbie says: “The height of EDM for me and it’s amazing that it’s a tribute. Can I just give a mention to Will I Am? He does some good tribute EDM and didn’t make list, better luck time buddy!”

Dave Berry is a man, you can find him doing manly things on ITV 4.
Robbie Savage is the head of Ultra Records and a legend of EDM.

Dec 102012

Calvin Harris
. EDM. Skrillex. EDM. Deadmau5. EDM. Steve Aoki. EDM. Tiësto. EDM. Zedd. Man Drawer. I totally love EDM, it’s like this magical abbreviation that makes everything alright. Yum, yum, yum, EDM.

Hi there, I’m Thad Hansen. I’m guest-writing here today for Too Many Sebastians, take a seat and enjoy the vibes. I’m a veteran of the genre, was hooked on EDM since I heard the first seminal EDM track, ‘Levels‘ by Avicii. This year EDM has recieved a fair bit of criticism, mainly from losers who are jealous of our underground scene, I think it’s fine time that somebody fought back, spoke out and held their head up high for the reasons they love EDM, I am that person and I speak for all the fans of EDM. I will get us through these hard times.

One of the reasons I totally love EDM is that, for the first time, I feel like I’m part of something. It’s like, I’m connecting with these guys and they care about their fans. Historians talk about what came before EDM, the incredibly faceless drug-fueled of Electronic Dance Music, I’ve seen the videos on youtube, everybody looks poor, dirty and foreign (eugh).  These historians also talk TONS about Daft ‘Whoop-de-do‘ Punk, who made a couple of ok proto-EDM tracks in the 90′s and have that whole ‘triangle‘ hand pose. However, in reality, these are two guys who hide behind masks and could not care less about their fans, epic fail.

I know what you are about to say, “But Deadmau5 wears a mask too“. However, he also lets us see behind the mask, every experience he has, he shares that with us. He tells us when he is in a relationship, he tells us when that relationship breaks up, we share the pain, EDM unites people. What can Daft ‘Overated’ Punk possibly offer to compete with that? What do I know about Daft Punk and their relationships? Nothing. They might as well be Showroom Dummies to us.

Another reason I love EDM is because of sophisticated humour it’s creators have. There is no finer example than European producer Calvin Harris, he is EDM’s answer to Larry David. For some mental reason, he’s really under-appreciated in Europe, I think it’s because European’s can’t handle the level of sophisticated humour he has. If you are a European and are thinking, “what on earth?!? He’s not a comedian that subverts the genre of EDM“, you are wrong and I will break it down for you.

1. This is an article where Calvin speaks out about EDM becoming a world of cheap one note samba‘s and DJ’s throwing champagne at one another.

2. This is his new single which is about the thing he had criticised.

European’s are very quick to call this, “being a massive hypocrite, who has lost touch with reality and really needs to get the fuck off twitter and sort his shambles of life via means that aren’t the internet“. They ARE WRONG. This is the highest form of irony that EDM could reach and we are all laughing at Calvin, not with him. He’s the funniest European since Mr. Bean. LOL.

And the final reason I love EDM? Steve Aoki. AZN JESUS 4 EVA BABEEEE. His antics are so crazy, next level and off the hook. He is an inspiration and totally deserving poster boy for the world of EDM.

Next Week: Thad talks about the posers who are ruining the scene.