Jun 292014

Bit of a different angle on the ‘Hidden Gems’ post this week, instead of going through the archive here are some interesting curios from my own collection of records.  As these are my own vinyl-rips, I should point they aren’t 100% the best and are a tiny bit quieter than your average Mp3. I’ve adjusted that for use in iTunes. However, if you use another software for music, you may have to tweak it yourself.

今週はちょっと違うアングルからの’Hidden Gems’シリーズ。今迄は過去のポストに基づいたセレクションでしたが、今日は持ってるレコードからピックアップしてみました。紹介するトラックは全部実際に持ってるレコードからMP3にしたものなので100%の質ではないのと、iTunes向けなので他のソフトウェアを使ってる方は若干手直しが必要かもしれませんが笑って許して下さい。

Samantha Fu – Theme From Discotheque (AA)
Most people are aware that Samantha Fu was an alias Soulwax recorded under and most people know about the A-Side of “Theme From Discotheque. This is ‘AA’ side of the release which is slightly on the dodgy side.. but, still it’s an interesting thing to hear.

Samantha FuがSoulwaxの別名プロジェクトだという事、そしてTheme From Discotheque”のAサイドの事を知ってると思いますが、このトラックは’AA’という事になります。なんだか変な感じですが、取りあえず良いトラックなので聞いてみて下さい。

Download: Samantha Fu – Theme From Discotheque (AA)

Birdie – Movin’ To That
Birdie is a very early alias that Siriusmo recorded under. “Movin’ To That” was released around 2001 and I was quite pleased when I snagged a copy of this in the smelly basement of vinyl exchange. You can really hear that ‘Siriusmo-sound’ towards the end of the record.

BirdieはSiriusmoの超初期のプロジェクト名で、”Movin’ To That“のリリースは2001年にまで遡ります。このレコードをかなりディープな店の地下で見つけた時はかなりの勝利感でした。トラックの終わりに進むにつれて’Siriusmo-sound’が感じられますよ。

Download: Birdie – Movin’ To That

Daft Punk – Indo Silver Club (Part One)
Indo Silver Club (Part Two)” made it onto Daft Punk’s “Homework” album and for whatever reason the first part didn’t. Unlike quite a few things Daft Punk did in the 90’s, this is actually pretty rare and this rip is a damn sight better than the one I did a few years ago. It’s still not the greatest, but, the vinyl is battered to pieces and I’m pretty amazed it even plays to be honest…

Indo Silver Club (Part Two)“はDaft Punkの”Homework“に収録されたものの、どういう訳かpart Oneは入っていません。他に彼らが90年代に作ったトラックとは違ってこのトラックは結構レアです。前にもこのレコードをMP3にしたんですが、今回の方が完璧とは言えないけれど、全開よりも良い質のはず。というのもこのレコードかなりプレイしてるんでしょうがないかな。

Download: Daft Punk – Indo Silver Club (Part One)

We In Music – Grandlife (Marcos Brothers Remix)
Raw Man’s “We In Music/We Rock Music” projects are perhaps the most under-rated things that came out of the whole ‘French-Touch’ craze and more people should be aware of this awesome remix of “Grandlife” as it’s easily up there with best of what Roule/Crydamoure had to offer.

Raw Manの”We In Music/We Rock Music”はフレンチハウスというジャンルの中でも何でもっと注目を浴びなかったの?って思うプロジェクト1位と言っても過言じゃないと思います。特に”Grandlife“のリミックスは最高で、Roule/Crydamoureの中でも1位になってもおかしくない位。

Download: We In Music – Grandlife (Marcos Brothers Remix)

Phoenix – Long Distance Call (Sébastien Tellier Remix)
Really lovely remix of “Long Distance Call” from a Sébastien Tellier at the height of his powers. It’s more of a cover than a remix and I wish it was a little bit longer….

Sébastien Tellierによる本当に素敵な”Long Distance Call”リミックスは、リミックスというよりかカバーって言った方がしっくりくるかも。欲を言うならもう少し長くして欲しかったな…

Download: Phoenix – Long Distance Call (Sebastien Tellier Remix)

Bonus -
Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Acoustic Version)

Jan 172012


Allen Walker‘s ‘ReWrite’ of Digital Love has been around in varying forms for about a year, somewhere along the line brought Le Pimp onboard and even now, the remix is only 2:30 in length. Still, it’s fun while it lasts..

Allen WalkerによるDigital Loveの ‘ReWrite’は変化はあるものの、最初にアップロードされてから1年くらいは経っています。そしていつからかLe Pimpも加わった様で、今のバージョンは2分30秒と短いんですが中々面白い物になっています。

Download: Daft Punk – Digital Love (Allen Walker & Le Pimp Rewrite)

Bonuses -

Allen Walker – 私は幸せ

Le Pimp – Mio Min

Jun 092011

Robotaki recently uploaded an instrumental version of his Girls’ Generation remix to his soundcloud, it is better because it’s more Robotaki and less Girls’ Generation. Although you can go download the vocaled version here, if you wish.


Girls’ Generation – Visual Dreams (Robotaki Instrumental) by Robotaki

Bonuseseseses -
Download – Daft Punk – Derezzed (Robotaki Remix) [M]
Preview -
Download - Robotaki – The Chinese Water Spirit [M]
Preview –

Feb 252011

Bright Shades are a production duo from Finland, they have done a remix of Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”. This is usually something I would usually ignore but they’ve done pretty good job on the track. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure “banger” and could easily have come from the “Ed Banger School of 2006″ era. However, I think it’s a lot of fun and a damn sight better than 90% of the Tron:Legacy bootlegs currently floating around the internets.

Bright Shadesはフィンランドのデュオ。彼らはどうやらDaft Punk “Derezzed”のリミックスをつくったようです。こういうものは通常無視しがち…なんですが、想像とは違って素敵だったのです。ちょっとギルティープレジャーなバンガー仕立てな上にEd Bangerが最盛期だった2006年感もあるものの、沢山あるTron:Legacyのブートレッグより絶対楽しいしナイスな事は間違いなし!

Download - Daft Punk – Derezzed (Bright Shades Rework)
Preview -

Dec 172010

DJ DLG has spent the best part of week teasing us with his latest remix of a track from Daft Punk’s Tron OST. Considering how good his  last one was my anticpation was quite high and now it’s finally here. He’s remixed “Fall” and it’s even better…..

DJ DLGまた私たちが無視できないアクションを起こしております。Daft PunkのTronサントラより今度は”Fall”のリミックス。前回のが良かっただけに、今回も期待しちゃいます。きっと期待を裏切ることはないでしょう。

Get ready for a slice of epic…..


DAFT PUNK – Fall- DJ DLG-Lazor Legacy Mix by DJDLG
(Only 1000 downloads available ;-))

If you like his remix you may just like his original material. His next release is due in early January with remixes from French Government, Paul, TWR72, Quentin 909, Alternative Reality, Tranzit & Dooz, D-Seven and Kinch.

もしも彼のリミックスが好きならば彼のオリジナルもチェックするべきですよ。彼の最新作はどうやら来年の1月にFrench Government, Paul, TWR72, Quentin 909, Alternative Reality, Tranzit & Dooz, D-Seven, Kinchのリミックスを引っ提げてリリースとか。


DJ DLG - Twitter / Beatport / Official Website.

Dec 092010

Drop Out City Rockers is the sister project of Drop Out Orchestra. With Drop Out City Rockers being for unofficial edits and Drop Out Orchestra being for more official things. Last week they debuted their lastest offering, a mash-up Whitney Houston and some guys called Daft Punk on Radio 1 and it pretty much became one of the most wanted things on the internets.

Drop Out City RockersとはDrop Out Orchestraの姉妹プロジェクトとでも言った様なもので、Drop Out City Rockersはアンオフィシャル、Drop Out Orchestraはオフィシャルなものを作っているってな感じだそうです。先週彼らはWhitney HoustonとDaft PunkのマッシュアップをRadio 1にてお披露目。それがなんだかとっても反響を呼んでいます。

The wait is over.

Download - Drop Out City Rockers – I Wanna Dance With Tron [M]
Preview -

We Are Drop Outs on Beatport.

We Are Drop OutsのBeatportはコチラ。

Interesting fact:
Ten years ago next month, ten years since Richard X made his classic “I wanna dance with numbers” mash-up. Not a coincidence.

Richard Xが”I wanna dance with numbers”のマッシュアップを作ったのも10年前の今頃(厳密には来月)でした。偶然!