Jul 232014


Believers” is one of the bonus tracks featured on the deluxe edition of Cut Copy‘s album. “Free Your Mind“. The deluxe edition includes the original 14 tracks and 5 bonuses. Two of those bonuses are “In These Arms of Love” and “Like Any Other Day”, which were only available in America on Record Store Day. So, if you are one of those people who likes having everything, I’m guessing this release is for you*. You can purchase it here.

Believers“はCut Copyのアルバム、”Free Your Mind“のデラックスエディションに収録されているボーナストラックの一つで、デラッックスバージョンにはオリジナル14トラックとボーナストラックが5つ入っています。その内のの2つは“In These Arms of Love”と“Like Any Other Day”で、どちらもアメリカのレコードストアデイの為だけのトラックでした。もしも全部集めなきゃ気が済まない!という人がいたらココでゲットしてみたらどうでしょう。

*I am one of these people and can admit the album was only ‘alright’.


And whilst we are doing this type of post….

Cut Copy – B.A.B.Y
Apparently this a demo that managed to sneak out, recorded before the “Bright Like Neon Love” era. Still think it holds up rather and the whole D.I.Y pop thing it has going on adds to it’s charm.

どうやらこのデモは”Bright Like Neon Love“のリリース前のトラックで、彼ららしいD.I.Yなポップさがいい感じのトラックになってます。

Download: Cut Copy –  B.A.B.Y

Cut Copy – Stars
Again, think this came out before “Bright Like Neon Love” but isn’t a demo. It was included on a compilation called “Star Time International Presents: Supercuts” which seemed to be a compilation with artists that Star Time thought would be popular in the future. Whoever made that decision on Cut Copy can be awfully proud of themselves! Good call!

こちらもまた”Bright Like Neon Love“以前のもので、デモではありません。”Star Time International Presents: Supercuts“というコンピレーションに入っていたトラックで、近いうちにスターになると予想されたアーティスト達が沢山参加していたコンピです。Cut Copyをチョイスした人はいい耳を持っていたに違いないですね!

Download: Cut Copy – Stars

Cut Copy – Kidz At The Disco
Really short b-side on one of the releases of the single, “Future” and weirdly one of my favourite Cut Copy songs. I just like how cute and daft it is.


Download: Cut Copy – Kidz At The Disco

Cut Copy – Radio 1 Dj Mix from 2005
Perhaps the most unknown of their mixes, pretty sure this was broadcast on Radio 1 really early in the morning. Luckily, it was included as a bonus for the release of their “I Thought Of Numbers” EP in America (partial tracklist in the comments).

もしかしたら一番知られていないミックスかもしれません。確かRadio 1 にて早朝にプレイされてたはず。幸運にも”I Thought Of Numbers” EPのアメリカリリースに収録されています。(部分的ではありますがコメント欄にトラックリスト載せてます。)

Download: Cut Copy – Cut Copy Radio 1 DJ Mix


Oct 122011

Well, I never expected this. Cut Copy remixing Death Cab For Cutie, a band that I really could not care less about. As you can imagine, I expected it to be absolutely terrible. It’s not though, it’s up there with their best remix work, slightly echoing that amazing remix they did of Mercy Arms. It also sounds a little bit like the Pet Shop Boys, when they were good.

これはかなり意外なニュース。Cut CopyがなんとDeath Cab For Cutieをリミックス。彼ら自体はかなり遠い存在なんですが、正直リミックスもどうでもいい感じなのかな?と思ったところ、そうでもなかったんです。かなり良い!ちょっとだけ彼らの素晴らしい Mercy Armsリミックスを思い出す感じ。そしてPet Shop Boysっぽい感じもするような、勿論彼らが素敵だった頃の方で。

Maybe I misjudged Death Cab For Cutie, I should check them out some more?*

もしかしたらDeath Cab For Cutieをもっとチェックするべきなのかも、とまで思ってきたり。*

Death Cab for Cutie – Doors Unlocked And Open (Cut Copy Remix) [iTunes]

*lol. jokes.


May 122011

The Miracles Club are an experimental pop/house group from Portland, Oregon. They’ve recently signed to Cutters Records and managed to bag themselves a “Re-vision” of their track “Light Of Love” from label owners Cut Copy.

The Miracles Clubはオレゴン・ポートランドのエクスペリメンタルポップ/ハウスグループで、最近Cutters Recordsに所属したばかり。そしてレーベルのオーナーであるCut Copyが彼らのトラック”Light Of Love”の”Re-vision”なるものをやりました。

Intro is a bit dull but when it gets going, it’s worth the wait and is very good. So good that I’ll forgive the pretentious “Re-vision” nonsense.


Download - The Miracles Club – Light of Love (Cut Copy Re-vision) [M]

Available on Juno now.


Jul 152010

Cut Copy are back!

Cut Copy are back!

Cut Copy are back!

It sounds a bit like the Beach Boys, but really, it still sounds like Cut Copy and is therefore quite amazing! It’s not fucking chillwave either, so don’t go there. This is chillwave, this is Cut Copy.

ということで戻ってきた彼ら!なんだかBeach Boysのような感じもしますがやっぱりCut Copyです。素敵!Chillwaveとは違いますね。chillwaveはこれで今日のは Cut Copy

Head on over to their official website to pre-order some sweet vinyl of this track.


Download -
Cut Copy – Where I’m Going [M] ♥ :-):-)
Preview –