Jun 212014


Belgian producer Aeroplane takes on “Inside My Head” a track from the forthcoming Riton EP on Ed Banger Records. As for my own thoughts on the remix, I’m not sure… yet. All the things you’d expect from Aeroplane, as in, it’s well made and it building really well are here (yeah, that seems like feignt praise, it isn’t though). I just keep on being indecisive with the ‘machine-gun beeps‘ on first listen, hate them and second listen, I kinda think they are awesome. The remix has already been receiving support from Radio 1 courtesy of Skream. Listen for yourself, below.

ベルギーのプロデューサー、AeroplaneがEd BangerからリリースされるRitonのニューEP”Inside My Head“をリミックス。個人的な意見は置いておいて、いかにもAeroplaneらしく盛り上がっていく感じもナイスです。最初に聞いたときはマシンガンの様な音がちょっと苦手だったけれど、もう一回聞いてみたら逆にそれが良い感じに感じたり。このリミックスは既にSkreamのおかげで結構Radio 1でもプレイされています。是非チェックしてみて下さい。

Dec 242011

The Rapture – Sail Away (Aeroplane Remix)

Once again Aeroplane sets a new bar for others to reach with his remix of The Rapture‘s “Sail Away“.  It really is quite… huge. It’s released on Jan 12th with  remixes from Cut Copy and Cosmic Kids too.

Aeroplaneがまた素敵なリミックスを作ったみたいですよ。今回はThe Raptureの”Sail Away“で、かなりお勧め!!リリースは1月12日で、Cut CopyとCosmic Kidsのリミックスも収録されています。

Oct 242011



I will be honest, I really wasnt paying attention to anything to do with Aeroplane‘s “In Flight Entertainment” compilation because I didnt see the point of it. The dude puts out monthly mix-charts which you can download for free. They also have fairly upfront and ‘exclusive’ tracks in them, which is one of the main selling points of the “In Flight Entertainment” compilation, the exclusive content. I really had no plans to review it, talk about it and I had just planned to shrug my shoulders and move on with life.

Big mistake.

In Flight Entertainment” is well, simply, very good. It’s actually so good, I don’t want to spoil it too much by giving away stuff about it. Because one of the great things about this compilation is the surprise element. So here are some good things that are already known…

There is only one original track from Aeroplane on it, I’m surprised because the temptation to put loads of your own material in your own compilation must be quite high. The track is “Save Me Now“, it’s a very catchy and bouncey pop-song. One of those tracks you’ll end up repeat playing loads. I hope it gets a proper single release in the near future…

Aeroplane – Save Me Now

There are no remixes on the compilation either, every track is an original and I think there might be a reason behind it, a couple of the artists are perhaps more known for their remix work (I think the press release also mentions something along these lines..), than their original productions and the compilation allows a few people who may have question-marks over their heads to shut the nay-sayers up. Which is nice.

There are some tracks which do steal the show a little bit, Herr Styler‘s “Zero Ghosts Out The Door” is pretty outrageous. It’s music for Pirates (of the sailing kind yo!) meets studio ghibli and it really is something special.

Herr Styler – Zero ghosts out the door by Herr Styler

And Oliver continue their fine run of form with their classical nu-disco symphony “Memories of The Future“. It’s more Daft Punk than Daft Punk… if that makes sense?

Oliver – Memories Of The Future

I could go on. The Poolside track “Take Me Home” is the perfect opening track.  Martin Dubka‘s “Through Thorns To The Stars” is one of the best ‘dramatic disco’ tracks I’ve heard all year (dude is going to be big) and Drop Out Orchestra’s “It Will Never Be The Same Again” is another quality tune from an act that have been on fire all year.

Drop Out Orchestra // It Will Never Be The Same Again (CLIP)

But that’s it. No more spoilers… and if you do want to spoil it, you can just google the tracklisting or something….

If I had any gripes, two of the tracks on compilation are a ‘little’ weak… but out of 13.. that’s not bad at all and they might sound weak because the others are so strong.

Oh… and if you are wondering, it’s all mixed together really well. It’s Aeroplane. Haha.

Score - (=^・ェ・^=)/10

It’s out today in various formats.

iTunes / Juno (CD) / Vinyl Sampler 1 / Vinyl Sampler 2


Jul 192011


Being asleep is the only possible excuse that I have for not posting anything about Processory, the project of Jori Hulkkonen and Jerry Valuri. Their track “Nightfall” was remixed by Aeroplane.. twice, sort of..

だいぶ熟睡していたせいでJori HulkkonenとJerry Valuriのプロジェクト、Processoryをポストするチャンスがありませんでした。彼らのトラック”Nightfall”はAeroplaneに二度ほどリミックスされたようですが・・

Apparently their record label Sugarcane, mastered an early version of the remix and then Aeroplane did a more polished version, which ended up being released on the EP. However, they gave away the earlier version as a free download and that is rather awesome.  Can’t really say which one is my favourite, they both have good things going on.


Download - Processory – Nightfall (Aeroplane Remix Version 2)
Preview – Download Processory Nightfall (Aeroplane Remix Version 2)

Nightfall (Aeroplane Remix)

The original is also goooood.


An album and some very good EP’s are on iTunes.

アルバムやEPも iTunesにてゲットできるよ。

May 032011

‘My Enemy’ is the best track on the Aeroplane album. Rex The Dog is the best choice of producer to remix the track. That is all.

‘My Enemy’はAeroplaneのアルバムの中でも1番って言える様なトラックですが、それをRex The Dogがリミックス。これは見逃せません。

Aeroplane ‘My Enemy’ Rex The Dog remix by rexthedog1980

Out May 23rd.