Nov 202012

Alex Metric’s ‘Rave Weapon‘ has recieved a rather special ‘Droid’ reworking from Aeroplane for his second ‘Ammunition’ EP, this remix sees Aeroplane returning to a punchier electronic sound that he’s not-as-known for these days, so, it might surprise quite a few. It’s a good surprise though and one you should enjoy loads. Well, unless you are one of those people who thinks every Aeroplane remix should be ‘Paris’, then you should probably move on, in more ways than one.

Alex Metric の ’Rave Weapon‘ ですが、どうやら Aeroplane のがともドロイドなリワークを作ったようです。こちらは ’Ammunition’ EP に収録されています。このリミックス、最近はあまり耳にしない、以前のパンチのあるAeroplane らしいエレクトロニックサウンドが特徴で、もしかしたら意外、って思う人もいるかも。Aeroplane のリミックスは全て ’Paris’ みたいじゃなくちゃダメだ、と思ってる人以外は素直に楽しめるリミックスなので是非お勧めです。もしも本当に未だに ’Paris’ にこだわってる人がいたら…、いい加減前に進みましょう。

Ammunition Pt. 2 is released on OSWLA (Yeah, we know.. it’s ‘his’ label. This is like that time Dim Mak released a couple of good things a few years back) and is out December 3rd. The EP also features a collaboration track with Oliver, it’s called ‘Motion Study’ and it sounds pretty incredible in all honesty. You can preview that, here..

Ammunition Pt. 2 はOSWLA (これは‘彼’ のレーベルだって事は解ってます。Dim Mak が何年か前に良い感じのリリースをしていた時、みたいな感じでしょう) から12月3日にリリース。EPには、Oliver とのコラボトラック、 ’Motion Study’ も収録されていてかなりお勧め。プレビューはここで。

If you are an American, living in America. You can go watch Alex Metric in action.

アメリカにいる方に朗報。生でAlex Metric が見れるチャンスですよ。

Tour dates -
Nov 29th Philadelphia PA – Rumor
Nov 30th Halifax NS – The Palace
Dec 1st Montreal QC – Le Belmont
Dec 5th Seattle WA – Foundation
Dec 6th Mexico City MX – Rhodesia
Dec 7th Los Angeles CA – Exchange
Dec 8th San Diego CA – Voyeur
Dec 13th Washington DC – U Street

Nov 062012

Aeroplane has launched his new label, Aeropop, with ‘In Her Eyes‘ a track that features the man responsible for this very good track, Jamie Principle, on vocals. It’s a track which showcases the more playful end of Aeroplane’s production, crazy synths and small homages to his influences fill the track and it makes for something quite fun and maybe, a little more ‘pop’ than you would have expected..

Aeroplane がレーベルAeropop を立ち上げました。その第1作目となるのが、’In Her Eyes‘ 。コチラは、この素敵トラックを作った人、Jamie Principle をボーカルとしてフィーチャーしていて、Aeroplane らしくクレージーなシンセなんかで遊び心あふれる感じになっています。きっと思ってるよりもポップですよ。

The release is backed with remixes from Chopstick & Johnjon, Tiger and Woods (that remix has been in everybodies mixes/charts for a couple weeks now because it’s great) and Louis La Roche. Aeropop are giving away a Beni remix of the track in exchange for a ‘like’ on their page. And you can buy the single by parting with your money on iTunes.

リリースには、Chopstick & Johnjon, Tiger and Woods (このリミックスは色んな人のミックスチャートに登場。それだけイイって事です)、 Louis La Roche のリミックス付。そして、Aeropop はBeni のリミックスをプレゼント中。ただし、 facebook にてイイねした人限定です。そしてシングルをお買い求めの方は iTunes にてどうぞ。(因みに上のビデオはラジオエディットです。もちろんフルの方がお勧め)

Oct 292012

In a not-so-distant future the Oliver remix of Aeroplane‘s ‘We Can’t Fly’ remained unreleased, causing future Vito Aeroplane to email Oliver of the present day via the means of future technology that we could never comprehend to right the wrong he had accidently caused. Would Oliver listen….?

(注意:今日のポストは上や下にあるイメージを読んでもらわないとチンプンカンプン間違いないです。ごめんなちゃい) Oliver によるAeroplane の’We Can’t Fly’ リミックスはずっとアンリリースの状態でした。そこで未来のAeroplane 、VitoからOliver へとメールが送られてきたのです。ただそのメール、私たちには理解出来ないあまりにも未来的な方法で送られて来てしまいました。

In the Bizarro Universe, Oliver did not listen and, we all know what happened next.. :(

そしてBizarroユニバースではOliver はメッセージを理解する事が出来ず、その後何が起こったかというと・・

Thankfully, we do not live in the Bizarro Universe and it’s being released Nov 5th. The future looks like this now… all is well.


Jun 152012

Before you say it, yes… this IS an ‘old’ remix. However, it’s now being given away as a free download because Grace Jones is doing Lovebox on Sunday. It’s still a good remix and to think it was nearly rejected all those years ago is quite something. If you weren’t aware of this remix though, get ready for a ‘woah, this is fantastic‘ moment that’s about to head your way right now.

始めにいっておきますが、このリミックスは新しいものじゃぁありません。が、Grace Jonesが今週日様にLovebox に出るっていう事で、只今フリーとなっています。今聞いても素敵だし、これがボツになりそうだったなんて不思議な話です。初めて聞く人がいたら、かなり良いので覚悟して聞いて下さいな。

Dec 242011

The Rapture – Sail Away (Aeroplane Remix)

Once again Aeroplane sets a new bar for others to reach with his remix of The Rapture‘s “Sail Away“.  It really is quite… huge. It’s released on Jan 12th with  remixes from Cut Copy and Cosmic Kids too.

Aeroplaneがまた素敵なリミックスを作ったみたいですよ。今回はThe Raptureの”Sail Away“で、かなりお勧め!!リリースは1月12日で、Cut CopyとCosmic Kidsのリミックスも収録されています。

Oct 242011


I will be honest, I really wasnt paying attention to anything to do with Aeroplane‘s “In Flight Entertainment” compilation because I didnt see the point of it. The dude puts out monthly mix-charts which you can download for free. They also have fairly upfront and ‘exclusive’ tracks in them, which is one of the main selling points of the “In Flight Entertainment” compilation, the exclusive content. I really had no plans to review it, talk about it and I had just planned to shrug my shoulders and move on with life.

Big mistake.

In Flight Entertainment” is well, simply, very good. It’s actually so good, I don’t want to spoil it too much by giving away stuff about it. Because one of the great things about this compilation is the surprise element. So here are some good things that are already known…

There is only one original track from Aeroplane on it, I’m surprised because the temptation to put loads of your own material in your own compilation must be quite high. The track is “Save Me Now“, it’s a very catchy and bouncey pop-song. One of those tracks you’ll end up repeat playing loads. I hope it gets a proper single release in the near future…

Aeroplane – Save Me Now

There are no remixes on the compilation either, every track is an original and I think there might be a reason behind it, a couple of the artists are perhaps more known for their remix work (I think the press release also mentions something along these lines..), than their original productions and the compilation allows a few people who may have question-marks over their heads to shut the nay-sayers up. Which is nice.

There are some tracks which do steal the show a little bit, Herr Styler‘s “Zero Ghosts Out The Door” is pretty outrageous. It’s music for Pirates (of the sailing kind yo!) meets studio ghibli and it really is something special.

Herr Styler – Zero ghosts out the door by Herr Styler

And Oliver continue their fine run of form with their classical nu-disco symphony “Memories of The Future“. It’s more Daft Punk than Daft Punk… if that makes sense?

Oliver – Memories Of The Future

I could go on. The Poolside track “Take Me Home” is the perfect opening track.  Martin Dubka‘s “Through Thorns To The Stars” is one of the best ‘dramatic disco’ tracks I’ve heard all year (dude is going to be big) and Drop Out Orchestra’s “It Will Never Be The Same Again” is another quality tune from an act that have been on fire all year.

Drop Out Orchestra // It Will Never Be The Same Again (CLIP)

But that’s it. No more spoilers… and if you do want to spoil it, you can just google the tracklisting or something….

If I had any gripes, two of the tracks on compilation are a ‘little’ weak… but out of 13.. that’s not bad at all and they might sound weak because the others are so strong.

Oh… and if you are wondering, it’s all mixed together really well. It’s Aeroplane. Haha.

Score - (=^・ェ・^=)/10

It’s out today in various formats.

iTunes / Juno (CD) / Vinyl Sampler 1 / Vinyl Sampler 2

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