Aug 022014


Ladies and Gentleman, today is a momentous day. A moment that shall go down in history, for Ali Jamieson has only gone and done edit of Mel Brooks’ “To Be Or Not To Be” aka “That Hitler Rap Song“. Finally providing a version of the track that removes of all the Hitler bits from the original so that scaredy-cat DJ’s can put this monster of a track in their sets.

今日はちょっと特別な日ですよ。長い歴史の沈黙を破ってAli JamiesonがMel Brooksの”To Be Or Not To Be“aka “That Hitler Rap Song“のエディットを作っちゃいました。やっとオリジナルにあるヒトラーの部分を抜かしたバージョンが出来たのです。これでDJも安心してプレイ出来ますね。

It’s also the birth of a new genre of music, we all love the power of Batman-House and now, it has a sibling, Batman-Disco. This is the dawn of Batman-Disco and side-by-side these two genres shall fight the evil of beings of what the kids on youtube call EDM.



Aug 022014


This remix from Finnish producer Eero Johannes is about five years old, but it is a remix of Jean Jacques Perrey and utterly fantastic. So much so, I’ve pretty much been listening to it on repeat since first coming across it. Might not hit you on the first listen, but when it does, prepare yourself for some very glorious space-funk.

フィンランド人プロデューサーEero JohannesによるJean Jacques Perreyのリミックスは実は5年位前のものなんですが、とっても素敵。あまりにも好きすぎてリピートしまくりな今日この頃。もしかしたら初回ではピンと来ないかもしれませんが、聞いてるうちに癖になってくるようなスペースファンクをお楽しみください!

Aug 012014


Slightly different side of Mr.Gonzo’s production is showcased in his latest single, “Rock Yeahwhich is now out on Nurvous Records. Still the same high standards we’ve become accustomed to though…. just with a bit of an electro kick.

Mr.GonzoNurvous Recordsよりリリースの最新シングル”Rock Yeah“はいつもの彼とはちょっと違ったサウンドが楽しめます。とは言え、いつも通りのハイスタンダードで普段よりエレクトロ色が強いトラックです。

We’ve mentioned it more than a few times, but another time will not hurt. Be sure to like his page on facebook to get a plethora of awesome free downloads, such as this…

何度も言ってはいますが、彼のFacebookでイイね、もお忘れなく。 何故ならフリーダウンロードがゲット出来たりするとかしないとか、例えばこれとか…

Aug 012014


Time for a rather lovely remix of RÜFÜS and their track “Sarah” from Australian producer Touch Sensitive. Which is a bit more like the older Touch Sensitive material than the newer and a fantastic excuse to post “Body Stop” for the millionth time in the history of this blog, it’s ok though, it’s still incredible.

RÜFÜSのトラック”Sarah“をオーストラリア人プロデューサーTouch Sensitiveがリミックス。彼の古いスタイルを主出させる様な素敵リミックスです。そしてどさくさに紛れて彼のトラック”Body Stop“も再度ポストしておきます、このトラック本当にいつ聞いても良い!

If you pre-order the RÜFÜS album you’ll get this remix RIGHT NOW, apparently…

Jul 312014


1. Grum – The Touch
2. Sandy Marton – Camel by Camel (Ali Jamieson Edit)
3. Tatsuro Yamashita – Love Talkin’ (CEITA054 Luv-Dub Disco Edit)
4. AHA – Cry Wolf (Mighty Mouse Edit)
5. Paradis – Garde Le Pour Toi
6. The Presets – No Fun (RÜFÜS Remix)
7. Sixtine – Press Start (Kreap’s Freestyle Boogie Mix)
8. Breakbot – You Should Know (Allen Walker Simple Re-Write)
9. Crystal & S. Koshi – From Red To Violet
10. Hemingway – Winding Rhodes

Jul 302014


For various reasons Grum‘s remix of Yousef & The Angel’s “Float Away” didn’t make it on to the original release of the track a while ago. Thank heavens for re-releases and various reasons being put aside because it’s now released and the winner is you, the person with good taste in musics, now enjoying it.

GrumのYousef & The Angel、”Float Away“リミックスはどういう訳かちょっと前のオリジナルリリースに収録されなかったようですが、再リリースの際にようやく世に出て来てくれました。という訳でぜひともチェックを!

Jul 282014

Whilst everybody has moving away from the synthier/italo side of disco, Ali Jamieson has been making a stand to keep it alive. His last release, an original, Push The Night” was rather awesome and went a little too under the radar in my opinion. Hopefully his latest, an edit of Sandy Marton’s “Camel by Camel” which comes with some extra vocoder goodness will not suffer the same the fate. Inspired choice of song and unlike some edits, manages to add some really nice new touches which some producers would deem enough to call it an original, he hasn’t though, so enjoy the free download.

最近シンセやイタロ系ディスコの盛り上がりがイマイチな中Ali Jamiesonは地道に頑張ってくれています。彼の前作、Push The Night“は凄い良かったのにイマイチ注目度が足りなかった気がするんですが、彼の最新作Sandy Martonの”Camel by Camel“エディットはもっと沢山の人に聞いてもらえる事を祈ってます。ボーコーダーが良い感じに効いてるこのエディットはオリジナルと言っても良いくらいの出来。フリーダウンロードなので絶対チェックしてみて下さい。