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Vitalic kindly answered some questions we asked him. We are in shock that it actually happened, because it’s Vitalic and he’s one of our favourite artists ever who made one of our favourite albums of year. He’s a big deal.

What is the origin of Vitalic, why did you start making music and what inspired you to do so?
Vitalic is just a Russian first name. I took it after I used Dima, another Russian name. I started music because since I was a kid I dreamt of electronic music and synthesizers. I thought it was unreachable because at that time it seemed complicated and expensive. After a live performance of Daft Punk at my local club, I decided to buy a first piece of equipment.

Are you influenced by classical music? Do you like Beethoven?
I like Beethoven when Wendy Carlos make covers (Orange Mechanics). I don’t think i’m influenced by classical music. It’s part of me because I used to be a Trombone player but you can’t really hear that in my stuff, I think. Made a little joke about that on OK Cowboy when I used a fake trombone sound on ‘Polkamatik’.

There have been lots of new artists in the genre of electro music since you release your first album. What’s your opinion on it? Do you think it’s a positive thing? Or temporary?
I never thought that the world was turning around me! I think it is a good thing that new musicians bring new sounds, new scopes and new ideas. Some of them are really good and bring some water to my mill…

What had you been doing in the last few years until you started making your second album?
I toured a lot. Without making new stuff I was offered to play in new places, bigger stages, that was endless. I prefered to take opportunities I was given, to travel and enjoy that life. It is only after a while that I felt like I had to make some new sounds and set up a new show to make new things.

In our opinion the 2nd album had less ‘rock’ elements, was that your intention?
Of course it was my intention. My intention was not to remake the 1st one, to bring new sounds. Electro Rock was everywhere and I had a stomachache from it. I’m happy I changed the direction. I may make some new rock stuff later, but not now. I am a musician, I’d like to be able to make a Polka, a fanfare, a rock song, a minimal track, a disco song, a movie soundtrack, zouk, punk or whatever.

Did you have any theme for the 2nd album?
When I started, no. Little by little, making the tracks one after the other, I noticed that I needed to put more sun in my music and that it was more disco. The themes would be the sun, the cosmos…

The album recieved many positive reviews, we were big fans, were you pleased?
In the begining there was kind of a silence, like ‘it’s so different’. And then it worked. I knew it and I took the risk and would take it again. Of course i’m pleased when I have good reviews and people send me messages about their perception of this or that track and how it makes them feel good. Making an album is a long process involving some other people. So when the album is well perceived, you feel like you are understood. But it’s also OK when people don’t like it or are dissapointed.

What effect (if any) do you think the internet has had on you as an artist?
First, it’s helpful as far as technology is concerned. I can download software, be updated about new products… We can also exchange files, like I finished a remix yesterday, sent it to the studio, and received the final mix this morning. That’s crazy if I remember 6 years ago, when you had to DHL a CD and wait one week. Also, the Internet is usefull as musician to have a direct link to the people. They can reach you and you can reply. Artists have never been so close to their fans. It may be fake sometimes, but anyway, there is a real change.

Who are your all time favourite artists?
They have to be from my childhood as I don’t have the necessary time to see if the artists i like will still be in my mind in 10 years. I’d say that Daft Punk, Giorgio Moroder, Sparks and Jarre are part of my life for ever.

What has been your favourite album this year?
Major Lazer. It’s so dirty and funny and well produced at the same time that it’s irresistible, even if you are not sensitive to jamaican sound.

What would your prefer, a spy car that can fly or a spy car that goes underwater?
The one that can fly!!! I love flying.

Vitalic – Poison Lips

You should buy Vitalic’s new album, ‘Flashmob’ here.

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