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(TMS COMMENT in 2012.. in all fairness this was a really bad idea..)

We interviewed Thomas Von Party, the label manager of Turbo Recordings. He is also the brother of Tiga. OMG! Not sure if he ‘got’ the interview questions. But fair play to him for answering them, we pushed him a little. So, “respect”. However, before we start, we’ve been told to mention the Planet Turbo website… so…

♫ Hard not to be so hard on myself ♫
♫ I’m tryin to learn to check the Planet Turbo website

♫ I listen to my friends when they say

♫ “It’s destiny, its meant to be this way”

♫ I found that they’re right and now I see to ♫

♫ That all this time and I had the keyboard ♫

♫ So now I’m on a roll, I got nothing but luck

♫ With a spring in my step as I download those sets
♫ I see the boys stare and…I hear them talk about the lack of track id’s. ♫

♫ As far as I go. As far as I know ♫
♫ I’ve always got. Planet Turbo!
♫ I cross overseas. It’s fine by me ♫
♫ ’cause I’ll never be… ♫
Far from checking out Planet Turbo.

it’s on my rss, it’s pretty cool I can check it on my iphone and stuff♫

- Far from Planet Turbo. © Tiga/Tay Zonday

So for the readers who don’t know, who is Thomas Von Party, how long has he been ‘Von Partying’ and what is he up to currently?

(Perfect chance to mention Planet Turbo!!!)

I’m the label manager of Turbo Recordings. I’ve never actually ‘Von Partied’ before and right now I’m at home going through footage I filmed on the Planet Turbo tour. I just came back from a Die Antwoord show (they opened for Keyboard Cat*). I have seven hard drives plugged in and I’m unsuccessfully trying to reorganize all my files into some kind of order. Stoned. Which means I expect to wake up tomorrow to find a bunch of folders with names like, “The stuff that really matters, man”.

*lies! Keyboard Cat was opening for Boys Noize.

You are Tiga’s brother, you are probably told this alot, does anybody ever say “Yo, sup Tiga’s Brother?” or when you a DJ set do they shout “Play Shoes, Tiga’s brother”?
People that say things like “Yo, sup Tiga’s Brother?” constantly help me refine my understanding of the term “Douchebag”. There are a lot of people out there, and it’s a real time-saver when they give you the tools to write them off completely at the drop of a douchehat.

We have it on good authortity that you love mp3 blogs (we are one) and that you once said “I love Mp3 blogs, I get all my tracks for my sweet sets from them”. Just how much of an influence have Mp3 blogs had on you?
I never said that. I swear I would never say ‘my sweet sets’. I would say “my rough n’ tumble ravedown sessions” before dropping “M.S.S.” The problem with blogs is that they give me a headache after a while. Their influence is basically stressful to me.

What is your favourite mp3 blog? (This one is pretty sweeeet –
Pretty hard to pick one. Naming a blog you like is one of the most important things you can do, and I do not take it lightly. I have respect for the ones that have really stuck it out and maintained some level of coherence. 20jazzfunkgreats is one that’s been around for ages. I remember the first music blog I ever went on was Fluxblog. And that fascinating anecdote is a reward I remain grateful for to this day.

You do A&R for Turbo records, in what capcacity do you work? Are you responsible for the mix packages or just the signings? What has been your proudest moment in this position so far?
My job description is a bit complicated, but I feel like I’ve had my hand in a lot of musical business pie lately, picking out the musical business raisins. Remix packages are something of a specialty for me. I’m proud of the work done in that department, but my proudest moment is probably signing Proxy, and more recently signing Azari & III, both of whom have amazing albums coming up in the next year.

Without giving away any ‘insider-info’ who should we all keep an eye on this year?
I just answered that. Keep an eye on me.

As a DJ you’ve toured the world and been apart of some very big shows, what has been your favourite moment on tour?
I found a twenty euro bill the other night in Liege. I used it to bribe a security guy into letting me use the headliners’ bathroom. It was sweeter than my sweetest set in the sweetest of all possible worlds.

Out of all the Turbo Recordings artists who do you like the most? Seriously, show some favouritism.

We were asked to ask you about your “Ride”? Is your “ride” “pretty sweet”?
I’m not sure what all those quotations are implying, but I drive a lime green diesel “Smart car”, and I drive it like a “maniac”.

Quotation marks imply me having no idea about cars…

What do you prefer, a spy car that can flies or a spy car that goes underwater?
I’m not a fan of spying – I value honesty in motor vehicles – but I’d take flying over underwater any day. Any car can go underwater, really. You just have to have realistic expectations about what you’re going to get out of it.

You thought too hard about the last question…..

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