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Jamie Paterson and Danny Ashenden are the utterly amazing The C90s and they agreed to do an interview and a mixtape for us.

1. How did The C90s form, was there any particular inspiration?
Jamie: We met in 2007 when Danny booked me to DJ at his club night in south London. We’d both brought similar records and decided to DJ back to back. We’ve been DJing and producing together ever since.

2. What are your influences?
Danny: Fine ales and wheat beers.
Jamie: As Douglas Adams put it – the whooshing sound of deadlines as they fly by.

3. You guys have done a few remixes, does this drain your creativity when working on originals?
Jamie: It does take up quite a lot of our studio time, but as with anything we create, the end result is always worth the time put in.

Danny: In a way it’s easier to remix an existing track, as opposed to creating something new, because you have so much to work with from the off. It’s a very different process to creating an original track from scratch, but through our remixes we are honing our skills and

4. Do you like making remixes?
Jamie: Of course. It’s always a challenge and a great opportunity to work with different people.

Danny: After all, if we’d never remixed Headman’s track, we might not have ended up on his label.

Jamie: And on top of that, it’s great to be able to interpret someone else’s track in our own way, and create something completely different.

5. Is there anybody who you wouldn’t remix?
Jamie: Calvin Harris

Danny: Paul Van Dyke

Jamie: Or a combination of the two, engineered by Tiesto.

6. What is your proudest moment as artists so far?
Jamie: Recently, some great things have happened and there’s a lot of exciting things to look forward to. We’ve been lucky to play some great parties, and had some great feedback from people we respect.

Danny: Being on Relish and the opportunities that opens up to us makes us pretty proud.

7. Your currently working on an EP, what should we expect from it?
Jamie: It’s still early days, but it’s shaping up nicely.

Danny: There’s going to be a lot of variety throughout, but a strong presence of strings, vocoders, cowbells and handclaps.

Jamie: It’s become a sort of mantra…

8. Where would you hope to be next year?
Danny: At each others throats as we put the finishing touches to the album, DJing around the world and putting together a band for live shows.

9. Who is your tip for this year? (musically, not horse racing)
Jamie: We’re both really excited about the Holy Ghost! album. Having heard bits and pieces, I can tell it’s going to be huge.

Danny: Siriusmo’s been bubbling away over the last three years, and we’re highly anticipating his forthcoming album.

10. What do you prefer, a spy car that flies or a spy car that goes underwater?
Danny: One that flies so we can cut out the airports!

Jamie: I’d like one that could speak to me, like KITT from Knight Rider, only extremely cynical and condescending.

And now……
ZOMG! It’s really, really, good….

The C90s – Too Many Sebastians Mix [Download]

ilya santana – you are the one
tiger&woods – gin nation
the cave bear cult – spaghetti disco
ray mang – look into my eyes
tiga – beep beep beep (headman remix)
Club Silencio – Painted Boxes (The Heels Of Love remix)
tensnake – get
the swiss – bubble bath
montauk – holiday (tronik youth remix)
blackstrobe – back from beyond
basic soul unit – the stand
DeeJay Punk-Roc – My Beatbox (Les Rythmes Digitales remix)
fabrice lig – innerblaster
Cecile & Venice – rimmel
the swiss – manthem (tensnake remix)
golden bug – flamingo (pete herbert remix)
lorenz rhode – like a player
computer juice – juice (d.i.m & tai remix drum loop)
breakbot – baby im yours (siriusmo remix)
tiny bit of house of house – rushing to paradise (dj harvey remix)

Mega props to Sander Veill for the artwork!
The C90‘s 10:01 Ep drops on March 5th. Be sure to get a copy!

アートワークをやってくれたSander Veillありがとう!
The C90の10:01 Epは3月5日に発売です。ゲットしましょう!

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