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Mighty Mouse are a ‘Nu-Disco’ outfit who have already gained the love of many music fans with their stunning remix work and delicously groovy originals. They’ve recieved major props from the likes of Aeroplane, Pete Tong, Rob Da Bank, Mixmag and a quick look on the hype machine suggests they’ve more than caught the attention of the blogosphere. They are currently super-busy working on new originals but they found some time to answer some questions from us. :-D

Who is Mighty Mouse?
Mighty Mouse is Matthew and Colin with Natalie on vocals and Ben on bass.

Mighty Mouse have only been around for a little while, but have accomplished allot of material, how did you guys form? Did you know each other before?
All four of us have know each other for a long time, I approached Colin in October or November 2008 to see if he wanted to do a remix. He did, that remix was City Reverbs ‘Time Side On.’ We both have very similar tastes in music and started to write some songs. We’ve always planned for Mighty Mouse to be a full band so Natalie (vocal) and Ben (bass) were obvious choices, they loved the vibe and we all love disco.

What did you do before Mighty Mouse?
DJing, session work, assisting in producing bands, engineering, making obscure records, marketing, trying to make a living. But it’s a love affair. it’s a difficult love.

Why Mighty Mouse, he’s American, would you have taken Danger Mouse if the name was available?
Um, we prefer Mighty Mouse to Danger Mouse. Although Penfold is pretty cool, would be a great MC name too… hmmmm.

You’ve remix a varied bunch of artists? Do you like this? For instance, an artist like Performance is very different from your sound, is this a challenge when remixing?
Remixing has been great for us, it’s enabled us to refine our sound, learn how to work with each other and enjoy it. We didn’t really find Performance challenging though, to be honest, when we get offered a remix, it either grabs us or it doesn’t. With Performance we had an idea instantly, but we do prefer remixing music that is very different to us, so yes the more varied the better.

Every time I see your twitter, a new remix is confirmed, is this draining?
Um, a little yes. It’s been very busy, Matthew has a habit of saying ‘yes’ to people, then going ‘shit, I’ve just said yes’. Dirk our manager is great though, he’s good at saying ‘no’. We’ve just finished Gorrilaz and Shy Child and now we’re concentrating on Mighty Mouse material.

What is your favourite track that you have remixed?
Oooh, tough one… um, Detachments ‘Circles’ is up there, Performance we love, um, god this is tough! Time Side on always has a special place as it was the first. I think, um, probably the Gorrilaz remix. Mind you, ask me tomorrow and we’d probably say something different. We’re quite emotional about music. Actually maybe the Shy Child remix, or Possibly Detachments. We’re not answering this well are we.

When can we hear more originals? An EP or an album perhaps?
Well we’re working hard on new material now, we’ve just finished the EP for Cheap Thrills that comes out in June, we’ve also been writing songs for the album.

Are you planning to do more DJ work? Take Mighty Mouse on the road?
Absolutely, and we’re rehearsing the band too, I think all the DJ dates are on the MySpace.

You seem to be friendly with a bunch of artists, like Villa, Aeroplane and The C90’s do you guys hang out, swap ideas?
Um, we speak on e-mail now and again, we have the same manager as Aeroplane and Villa, but we don’t really hang out, they are in Belgium and we are in London. I’m sure we would get drunk together though if we met at a gig. We have a feeling Fredo from Villa will get us very drunk when we meet. Apparently Stephen from Aeroplane is busy hand knitting all the Aeroplane covers for their new album so he doesn’t have time to meet up, but Vito did promise us tickets to Toy Story 3, but he didn’t mention if it would be in 3D or not, so we’re waiting to find out. We know that sounds a bit odd, but we had asked Aeroplane for a Dinosaur Toy but they said they couldn’t afford it so Toy Story 3 was a compromise. Haven’t really spoken to The C90’s, but we like their stuff.

Where do you want to be this time, next year?
South of France would be nice…

What would you prefer, a spy car that flies or a spy car that goes underwater?
Oh one that Flies definitely, especially if it can go into space.

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