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We had a chance to drop the galactic quartet Chateau Marmont a few questions, coincidentally their ‘Niburu’ EP is out this week in the UK and a few weeks back if you live in France. A very generous selection of downloads are available at the bottom of the interview (but you should read it first… mmmkay?).

Introduction time! Who are Chateau Marmont?
Four handsome boys called Angy, Julien, Raphael and Guillaume, playing bass, drums, guitar and synths. Like 2 or 3 other bands. We’re from Paris.

What made you decide on the name ‘Chateau Marmont’?
We wanted a French name, and the reference to the hotel plus its history seemed perfect to us. Sounds both classy and perverse.

I’ve read you known each other since childhood, was it a natural thing to form a band? What exactly inspired it?
Sound, synthesizers, prog bands, psychedelic drugs, girls, old cars, UFOs. We’ve been abducted together actually.

Who are Chateau Marmont’s influences?
Wow… hard to say, but Kraftwerk, Roxy Music, George Clinton and Frank Zappa for sure.

It appears to me that you did lots of remixes before the release of your first EP, was this intentional? Yo help build profile? How did it all happen?
It started with our friends Midnight Juggernauts asking us to do a remix for their hit “Into The Galaxy”, our version was released on the 12″ and got played a lot, and during the same period we did a bunch, mostly for parisian bands, and those got some attention too, so it wasn’t intentional. But of course, remixes are a great way of getting your name out there.

The second EP is out now, did you approach it differently from the first?
Not at all: we wanted to do the second part of a diptych, they’re twins… but maybe this new one is more danceable…

Will we hear a Chateau Marmont album at some point? What are your plans for the year?
Making our first album. Big challenge for us. Producing 45 mins of music that are interesting from beginning to the end is not an easy thing… We are ‘old school’ is the sense that for us, a LP is a trip, a story. Even if these days, like everyone else, we only play 2min of each song in our itunes…

It’s rumoured that you’ve produced a ‘big pop act’. Who is it?
Alizee, a young french singer, very popular here. Along with Para One, Rob, David Rubato, Jerome Echenoz and Tahiti Boy, we produced her latest album “Une Enfant du siècle”. We are really proud of the results. It’s a mainstream 80’s kind of exercise. Think Valerie Dore.

What do you prefer, a spy car that can flies or a spy car that goes underwater?
A fly that goes underwear!

Download - Chateau Marmont – Heliochrome
Preview –

Download - Chateau Marmont – Nibiru
Preview –

Download - Chateau Marmont – Monodrama (Gavin Russom Remix)
Preview –

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