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We had an opportunity to interview Irish genre-busting producer/dj duo Arveene & Misk who have just recently released their Eavesdropper EP on Bang Gang 12’s and are following that up with a whole bunch of new remixes of the track.

How long have Arveene & Misk been together? How did you form? What did you both do before Arveene & Misk?

Misk :We started writing tracks about 3 years ago, just some edits at first and then some remixes. We got snowed under with remixes for a while recently but are back with a rake of our own tracks at last.

Arv :It’s not been long buts it been a good journey so far. Both my self and misk have been involved in music all most all our lives and we’ve lived in clubs since we were allowed in them. I’ve always been a dj and misk comes from the live/ production side so it’s a great blend..

We first came across you both with the track “Hells Bells” and your remix of Mr. Oizo both got quite a lot attention in the blogosphere and were very much praised. Did this help you?

Misk : Blogs are the main channel word spreads through these days… it’s proper people power. The Mr. Ozio remix really helped our profile. To have a remix on an amazing label like Ed Banger really shows people you mean business, and helped Hells Bells reach a lot of people it may not have otherwise.

Arv : The Blogs have helped spread the word with the right people indeed, Getting the heads up from Busy & Ozio was great, it was amazing as the’re 2 people we really respect and have worked hard so getting the thumps up on that one was massive. Ozio even said he thought our remix finished the track properly and he wasn’t happy with his final version and that we had nailed it..

You’ve done quite a few remixes? What are your personal favourites?

Misk : Over 30 released in the last few years! My favourites are some of the more obscure one’s we’ve done, Green Park for Ktodik or ShadowRun for Husky Rescue. Not quite as dance-floor as usual but a great chance do stretch the legs with some other styles.

Arv: I love the Zombie Nation one as it’s got the funk and always goes off when we drop it in a set..

Felix Da Housecat was pretty complimentary of your remix of “Kickdrum”, he really helped push that to a lot of people. How did it feel to have the artist you’ve remixed do that?.

Misk : When an artist starts playing your remix at his sets over the original, the only way to take it is as a major compliment. That was amazing.

Arv : It’s really made us feel all the hard work does pay off, you really have to strive and push your self and the right people will see it.. We’ve still not met Felix but he’s really hammered that mix and our corner.. Big Up the House Cat…

Always wanted to ask this, what came first “Rage Against The Arveene” or “Killing In The Name Of SebastiAn”. Both seemed to crop up around the same time?

Misk : Well, Rage against the Arveene was actually the first track we ever worked on together, so that puts it at about 3 or 4 years old? We’re not ones to go ‘Nah-nah-nah We were first’, but NAH NAH NAH WE WERE FIRST! ;)

Arv : Yeah! it was, the first thing we ever did.. and I played it before the Prodigy in front of 30,000 people so we have witnesses.. :-)

You are both based in Ireland? What is the dance music scene like? I know of Hystereo but kinda struggle after that? Is there anyone to “keep an eye on”?

Misk : There are a LOT of Irish heads making quality dance music right now, DetBoi, Lorkan Mac, the mysterious Ubber Wallya, Chymera is making huge waves in techno right now… it’s a really healthy scene right now.

Arv : I just moved to London but there are loads of amazing producers in ireland of course we have old school people like David Holmes & Fish Go Deep. Phil Kirean is great, Yankee Zulu, Timmy Stewart, The DeadbotsThe Jet Project, Bubba & T -Bone, also new kids like Two Charming Men, Lorcan Mak. There’s loads more coming trough i do feel we could really have an irish revolution at some stage.. it’s getting better & better…

As mentioned before, you’ve done a lot of remixes. Do you plan to focus on more originals, what do you have forthcoming?

Misk : At the moment we’re concentrating more on our original tracks… we’ve got a massive track, Love & Lust out on NY label Plant Records in November, and another couple of killers out with Bang Gang soon after. We’re not going to stop doing remixes though, they’re always good fun (we’ve just finished one for Phonat and another for Justin Robertson which are both out soon).

Arv : We have so much original music done so it’s all about getting them out over the next 12 months. Like Misk said the remixes are on hold for the moment.. but we’ll be looking for people to remix our traxx so if your a producer out there get in touch…

What do you prefer, a spy car that flies or a spy car that goes underwater?

Misk : It’d have to be the flying car, but would I have to resit my test?

Arv : I think underwater i’m down for seeing some Giant Squid spotting and hitting Lock Ness..

Download - Arveene & Misk – Eavesdropper (Premini Remix)
Preview -

Download - Arveene & Misk – Live Set 2010.

Eavesdropper on Beatport.

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