Dec 122012

Canadian producer Tiga is returning with his new single, ‘Plush‘. It’s released on December 17th via Different Recordings. It’s definitely a classic Tiga style track and an insanely catchy one at that. Our favourite bit of the track is the bit where he chants, “Ahh, Ahhh Tiga, Tiga“. Not many people could pull-off a chant to themselves in a song, however, Tiga can. There is something quite comforting about his return and him still being quite good at what he does. Have a listen…

カナダ人プロデューサー、Tiga がニューシングル ’Plush‘ を引っ提げてカムバック。Different Recordings から今月17日のリリースです。いかにもTiga なスタイルで、勿論とってもキャッチー。特に聞きどころと言えば、”Ahh, Ahhh Tiga, Tiga” って歌っている所。なかなか自分のトラックに自分の名前を入れる事って出来ないですけど、そこは流石Tiga。とにかく彼が戻ってきたのは良いニュース!

There is something also quite comforting about the choice of remixers on the track, with German duo Ame and British producer Jacques Lu Cont providing them. It’s like Tiga chose the best people for the job and not the most hypest people for the job. We are premiering the Jacques Lu Cont remix, it’s a bit of a ‘banger’..

そしてリミックスも見逃せないんです。ドイツ人デュオの Ame やイギリス人プロデューサー、Jacques Lu Cont がいい仕事をしてくれました。流行りの人ではなくて、Tiga のトラックに相応しい人選でとってもナイス。そして今回Jacques Lu Cont のリミックスを特別に先行公開! ちょっぴりバンガーなリミックスお楽しみくだされー

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  1. Where did you go? I miss you!

  2. And by you, I mean you TMS.

  3. me too!

  4. I agree with Quintro? What happened? We miss you!

  5. so is this how tms ends?

  6. Est ce que le blog toomanysebastians est fini ?! :s

  7. ending with tiga’s face = shamefull

  8. im coming

  9. Where blog arrrr the updates? I need my TMS.

  10. What happened to this website? I came on here daily, and its been inactive for over 2 months, I need answers!

  11. I’m still checkin every day hopin you returned

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