Oct 122012

Ich R U‘ is taken from Boys Noize‘s new album, ‘Out Of The Black‘. It’s essentially the albums, ‘Yeah‘ (Power) or ‘Shine Shine‘ (Oi Oi Oi) and those are the words of Boys Noize, not me. There is no denying that whilst we’ve heard this sort of track from him in the past, it’s still rather effective and nobody quite does it like Boys Noize can.

Ich R U‘ はBoys Noize のニューアルバム、’Out Of The Black‘ に収録されているトラック。本人いわく、このアルバムは、’Yeah‘ (Power) や ‘Shine Shine‘ (Oi Oi Oi) 的なアルバムだそう。この手のトラックは何度も聞いた事があるけれど、でもやっぱり彼らしくて良い感じだと思うのです。

Out Of The Black‘ is out now and is a pretty good album, except for the one track which sounds a bit like Skrillex and the one with Snoop Dogg on it. I will probably buy the album this weekend*..

Out Of The Black‘ は既にリリースされていて、なかなか良いアルバムですよ。でも、所々Skrillex ちっくだったり、Snoop Dogg なんかも登場します。とは言え、恐らく今週末お買い上げする事になりそうです。(レビューを約束する訳ではないですが…)

*The following sentences do not constitute as being a review of the album.

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  2 Responses to “Boys Noize – Ich R U [Video]”

  1. agreed on the two weakest tracks. i love this album, specially Reality ! it’s a masterpiece

  2. My two cents is that Mr. Ridha is better at producing House music – rather than at his so called Techno; as is Skrillex in producing Electro House – rather than at that so called Brostep.

    I allege that those artists are doing it for that special audience fame* and it’s really annoying to listen to that 90 % good music. It really lacks soul.

    Fortunately there are also examples of the opposite direction, where artists were doing no-really-good-music before and are now revealing their true talent. Take Alex Metric for instance, he was making those mediocre breakbeat and other remixes (because Big Beat and similar were that special-audience-geners at those days**) and now, that guy is creating some really good Nu Disco, at which he is truly brilliant.

    So B.N. and S. … please turn back to pussy-electronic-music.

    * see below

    ** >>Ahh, Big Beat. This is the genre that finally made the homophobic frat house crowd finally accept that pussy electronic music at their Saturday night kegger parties.<<
    Quoted from http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/

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