Oct 102012

I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard Allen Walker play bass as good as what is heard in his new demo “Batman. looking for a sign“, it’s a track that sounds a bit like a much more realised version of “Addicted To The Bassline” which was released on his last ep. Gotta love that electro-guitar madness towards the end too. Hope this is one of his demos that eventually sees a release.

このAllen Walkerの  ”Batman. looking for a sign” のデモのベースがなんだか凄い良いんです。このトラック、彼の最新EPに収録されていた、 ”Addicted To The Bassline” 完成形のような感じで、最後の方に行くにつれて炸裂するエレクトロギターがかなりイイ! どうか彼がリリースされますように…。

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  7 Responses to “Allen Walker – Batman “looking for a sign””

  1. I strongly belive that in fact YOU are allen walker. please reveal yourself, so we can cherish and worship you -gotham is ready!

  2. or he is like your BFF or so

  3. I’m not. Although, I’m sure Allen Walker would probably enjoy people thinking that. Which is why he’s the king of batman house. He’s also WAY better at drawing than I am, which I’m a bit jealous of.

  4. (and we are sometimes friends and sometimes enemies… adds to the Gotham vibes)

  5. so this is the jam, should probz be #1 on Beatport–that guitar solo is just fucking bananas–and ya know, he’s kind of like the cool Fred Falke at this point–anything he touches just turns to funked out gold, and it never really sounds stale (even though its a consistent, crazy sound)

    also really curious as to what he looks like, but i guess he’s a fan of Manga: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_Walker

    which automatically makes me envision him as a fat nerdy dude who eats a lot of Snack Packs, pays for porn, and is the man

    he’s egyptian tho, i believe?

  6. Yeah. Allen is half Egyptian, half Austrian.

    Allen is absolutely not like that. He told me his name wasn’t inspired by the Manga, even though he likes it. He actually gave himself that name before he knew about it.

    He is batman.

  7. @Barry
    He’s essentially the spitting image of Xavier from Justice… and that isn’t a joke. He really gets annoyed with the comparisons sometimes, hahaha. Genuinely hope that next year he takes things a step further, he’s more than capable…

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