Sep 112012

Disco/Jazz producer Blue Satellite has just released the follow-up to his “Aurora” EP. And, where as that EP was pretty much purely instrumental, “Middle Class” is very much a vocal affair with the young producer enlisting the vocal talents of Jhameel. This is probably the most ‘marmite’ aspect of the EP as Jhameel has tendency to be a bit over-enthusiastic with his delivery. Although, he’s more restrained on the track “Relapse“. For the most part, it works and I’m pretty sure there will never be called “Dance (I Hope You Don’t Think I’m A Douche)” ever again in the history of the universe.

ディスコ/ジャズのプロデューサー、Blue Satellite が、 ”Aurora” EP 振りにリリース。前作はインストロメントがメインだったのに比べて、”Middle Class” はJhameel という若手ボーカリストを器用。このボーカルは好き嫌いハッキリ別れてしまうかもしれないけれど、”Relapse” なんかは聞きやすいかも。全体的に良い感じになっているし、”Dance (I Hope You Don’t Think I’m A Douche)” なんてタイトルは滅多にないですぞ。

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  1. Too bad he spent the last year making vocal tracks with a grating vocalist. Aurora Part I is one of the best things I’ve ever heard. When it came out I’d just finished a 9 month hard slog to qualify as a lawyer, Glastonbury was coming up, and I spent a good 2 weeks doing the same dances in my car the guy in the video was doing. Not that I wanted Aurora Part III but someday I’d like to hear Borealis Part I as well.

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