Aug 032012

XTC” is the first single to be released from Boys Noizes forthcoming album, “Out Of The Black“. And unlike “What You Want this track does indeed sound very much like Kraftwerk. The intro especially being very “Tour De France. The track is already being played by the likes Justice, Chemical Brothers and 2 Many Djs. The latter makes perfect sense as it’s the type of track they’d play the heck out of.

XTC” はBoys Noize のニューアルバム、”Out Of The Black” からのファーストシングルですが、What You Want” とはちょっと違って、このトラックは本当にKraftwerk に共通する感じがとってもします。特にイントロはTour De France に似ていて、既に Justice、Chemical Brothers なんか にプレイされています。その他にも2 Many Djs がプレイしていて、まぁいかにもな感じです。

The MMM remix of the track REALLY sounds quite Shinichi Osawa + Paul Chambers-ish.

そしてMMM のリミックスは、とっても大沢伸一 + Paul Chambers 的なサウンドになってます。

Boys Noize – XTC (MMM Remix)

Released August 6th.


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  2 Responses to “Boys Noize – XTC”

  1. imho that monobrowed Alexander was better as part of Kid Alex. Back in those days the music was way sexier. Today he calles his style Techno. I miss the “recall value”.

    Don’t get me wrong: I still listen to his tracks and like them as well. But at the same time I’m secretly craving for his funkyness. Maybe, one day …

  2. It sometimes comes out, I thought Jeffer was pretty funky in a slightly strange way. I dunno, it’s clear he’s “going for it” in America now. Not sure how that will work out… but, interested in this album as the last one which did have great bits, had equally baffling bits too.

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