Jul 262012

Tokyo synth-pop act Crystal have remixed Sébastien Tellier’s “Cochon Ville” for the Japanese release of his album. It’s a bit different from what I expected from them, it’s quite ‘cute’ and ‘bouncy sounding 90′s piano-house. It’s also a free download, but their soundcloud has a limit. You’ll need to be quick.

東京のシンセポップバンド、Crystal がSébastien Tellier のアルバム日本版リリースに収録されている ”Cochon Ville” をリミックス。ちょっと予想外だけど、可愛らしくて跳ねる感じが90′sなピアノハウスっぽくておススメ。しかもフリーダウンロード、とは言えsoundcloud には上限があるのでお急ぎを!!

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  2 Responses to “Sébastien Tellier – Cochon Ville (Crystal Remix)”

  1. this is quite good…i feel like this would be perfect during a dance scene in some Fellini/old-school Italian film–totally giving me that vibe

  2. Hahaha. Yeah, I can totally imagine that.

    Crystal are pretty cool, although this is a bit of a depature from what I’m used to from them.

    They’ve also done videos for Strip Steve & Shinichi Osawa.

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