Apr 192012

Lonsdale Boys Club are a pop trio that hail from West London. I’m not the best at knowing pop acts, so I can’t really say much more about them or do an image with a joke :-(.  The video/music for their next single, “Light Me Up seems to suggest they are a bit like the ‘UK’s answer to Foster The People‘….

Lonsdale Boys Clubとは、ウェストロンドンのポップトリオ。ごめんなさい、それ位しか解らないし、ジョークもあんまり言えません。The 彼らのニューシングルLight Me Upのビデオ/音楽を見る限り、彼ってイギリス版 、 Foster The People 的な感じなのかな、なんて思ったり。

I do know Grum though and I’m pretty sure this is the first remix he’s done in ages. He’s returned with a slightly slicker (and a bit more commercial) disco-pop sound for this remix. He is also the UK’s answer to something, Oliver. Although, Grum came before Oliver. So Oliver best watch their backs yo. Grum is coming back to take the non-slow-disco crown.


In summary: It’s a very good remix and it’s nice to have Grum back. It seems to get better on repeat listens too... which is nice.


Released via Future records on May 21st

Future recordsより5月21日リリース。

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  8 Responses to “Lonsdale Boys Club – Light Me Up (Grum Remix)”

  1. Boom!

  2. ITS ON!

  3. the answer to the answer

  4. inception disco

  5. The LBC guys are pretty nice guys. They came into our student radio station a while back and were lovely guys. And everything Grum rejigs seems to turn to gold, so this is rather groovy.

  6. Seriously, it’s been too long (not Daft Punk long, but long enough). I hope we can expect more quality tunes from him this year. Even a few remixes like this would make my summer. Just a thought, but maybe he’s got another full length album in the works? Or an EP? Shit, give us something!

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