Apr 052012


Hey you! Do you want to win a copy of Kitsuné Parisien II on compact disc? Then all you have to do is answer this question. Who drew the Kitsuné Parisien II artwork? Then leave a comment with your answer, remember to put your email in the comment form…

Kitsuné Parisien II の コンパクトディスクが欲しいだって? だったら今すぐこの問題に答えよう!! 問題は、誰がこのKitsuné Parisien II のアートワークを手掛けたでしょうか?? 答えとコメントをコメント欄に書いて今すぐエントリーしよう!! メールアドレスもお忘れなく!!

The Race by -Pyramid-

BeatauCue – Kiho by BeatauCue

Ten copies are up for grabs. Go!


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  1. André (graffiti artist)

    btw Kitsuné should totally get Chris (simpsons artist) to do the next one that’d be cool

  2. “Who drew the Kitsuné Parisien II artwork?”

    answer: KAWS.


  3. André did the artwork! What a talent!

  4. André Saraiva, almost as cool as something Chris (Simpsons artist) would make!

  5. André Saraiva?

  6. Graffiti artist André.


  7. It’s André (french parisian hype artist).


  8. Thats easy stuff!

    graffitti artist Monsieur André a.k.a. Monsieur A.


  9. André, the graffiti artist !

    Comment: yes, i would be glad to receive a copy of one of my fav record label, from my fav music blog, on a vintage optical disc storing digital data, stamped by an equally vintage (or retro) face on the envelope. √

  10. André Saraiva

  11. André Saraiva

  12. André Saraiva

  13. It’s André Saraiva!

  14. André Saraiva

  15. Ahaha, it’s André Saraiva!

  16. André Saraiva, yes?

  17. André?

  18. I think it’s Andre!

  19. Answer: André Saraiva

  20. is it André Saraiva?

  21. André aka Monsieur André aka Monsieur A?

  22. it was done by the graffiti artist André right? :)

  23. It’s andré!

  24. André

  25. André Saraiva!

  26. André Saraiva

  27. walt disney

  28. André Saraiva!!

  29. Mmmm, ‘Andre’ Saraiva please.


  30. andre saraiva!

  31. Andre Saraiva

  32. Andre Saraiva


  33. andré saraiva!

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