Mar 262012


The last time we featured Whitey, it was to mention he had a whole new album on the way. I’m not sure what really happened to that, it’s been quite hard to keep track of developments on his facebook page(s). What has happened since then is still quite interesting though. He’s basically decided to unleash a whole bunch of material via a bandcamp page.

The likes of debut album, “The Light At The End Of The Tunnelwhich features a track that pretty much everybody knows…. comes with nice extra material, like five bonus tracks… not bad, huh? If my memory serves me correctly the likes of Soulwax, Cut Copy, Q Magazine and NME (before they really changed their opinion on him) supported the album and considering it was quite associated with a bit of ‘scene’ at the time it’s impressive how much it hasn’t really dated.

His second album, ‘Great Shakes‘ is finally officially released after leaking on the internet nearly five years ago, now would be a good time to buy a copy legitimately if you downloaded it from somewhere. It’s a very reasonable £7 in price.

And a second volume of Great Shakes has also been made available. It’s a bit like a rarities/demo’s album… a very strong one though. No filler material to be heard on this. Has certainly made my weekend more pleasant.

Whitey – Goodbye Crocodile (Demo) [Buy]

And there will be a special edition of ‘Canned Laughter‘ on April 1st, a whole two years after it’s original release. It was our second favourite album of 2010, if you can remember that far back….

Whitey – Twisted Sheets

TL:DRBuy lots of good music from a talented man on his bandcamp.

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