Mar 212012


Mighty Mouse has been on fire lately with his remix work. This new remix he’s done of Nyteowl’s “Love Of Mine” is not what you’d normally expect from him. Taking his disco sound into a slightly heavier electronic direction at a time when the whole nu-disco sound needs shaking up is a pretty smart and refreshing move.

最近リミックスが特に絶好調のMighty Mouse。このNyteowlの “Love Of Mine” リミックスは、ちょっといつもディスコサウンドとは違って、普段よりちょっぴりヘビーになってます。最近のニューディスコすぎる雰囲気に少しだけ渇を入れる感じで素敵です。

He also uses the ‘Pop corn synth’ which means I just like it on that level too.

更に、彼はあの’Pop corn’ のシンセまで使っていて、嫌いになれる訳がない!って感じ。

Nyteowl – Love Of Mine (Mighty Mouse Remix) [Juno]

Check the Mighty Mouse facebook for details of an American tour!

 Mighty Mouseのfacebookで彼のアメリカツアーもチェック!

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