Mar 192012

This little animation of  ‘Singapore Madness‘ is pretty damn cool. Hopefully this track will be released outside of Japan pretty soon…. hurry up, yo. The animation is taken from the Radio Soulwax set “Under The Covers Vol.3” btw.

こちら、素敵な ‘Singapore Madness‘ のアニメーション。日本国外のリリースを待ってる人も多いはず。因みにこのアニメーションは、Radio Soulwax のセット “Under The Covers Vol.3” に入っているものです。

And yeah, this is pretty insane too.


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  1. God I love Soulwax. Under The Covers part 3 is brilliant. I also can’t wait for a release of the “extramadness re-edit”.

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