Mar 152012

Capsule - Golden Guitar

Golden-Guitar is the side-project of an artist that we don’t even need say, as if you’ve read the blog for over the last couple of years, it should be quite easy to figure out. The first material to come from Golden-Guitar is this remix of Capsule’s “Feelin’ Alright“, which is actually a pretty descent song from the new Capsule album….

Golden-Guitarについては、このブログのファンなら説明しなくてもわかってると思うので特にこれ以上は語りませんが、そんなGolden-Guitarの初めての作品になるのが、Capsuleの “Feelin’ Alright” リミックス。 Capsule のニューアルバムの中でもかなりトップクラスのトラックです。

Capsule – Feelin’ Alright (Extended-Mix) [iTunes]

And the Golden-Guitar remix is just… wow. Cowbell, drums and spin back. It has everything yo.


Capsule – Feelin’ Alright (Golden Guitar Remix) [Download]

  5 Responses to “Capsule – Feelin’ Alright (Golden-Guitar Remix)”

  1. Is it dillbert21?

  2. Imma go with The One guy

  3. Oh, you mean Croque Monseiur. Gotcha.

  4. It could be all these guys together… maybe the strangest super-group of all time…

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