Mar 132012

Gucci Vump, Gxxi Vump or G.Vump are Brodinski and Guillaume from The Shoes. They’ve chosen “G.Vump” for their latest material, an original called “Feeling” which has just been released on the Bromance label. Stylisticly, it’s a bit like a gloomier version of the remix they did of Yuksek’s “On A Train“*… maybe this is the start of ‘Nu-Gloom-Disco-House-90′s-Revival’?

Gucci Vump、Gxxi Vump、又はG.Vump は Brodinski と The ShoesのGuillaumeによるプロジェクト。最新作では”G.Vump“という名前を使っているみたいですが、その最新作が”Feeling“で、Bromanceからリリースされたばかり。コチラ、彼らのYuksekの”On A Train“のリミックスをちょっと暗くしたような感じなんだけど、もしかしたらココから新しいジャンル、 ’Nu-Gloom-Disco-House-90′s-Revival’が始まるのかも?!

i see what you did there, tms.

Anyway, we really like it and of all the things you could potentially spend £1.30 on today…. we’d like to think you’d do it on this and if you don’t take our word for it; just check out these youtube comments on the set-rip of the track….

このトラック結構お気に入りなんですが、£1.30なのでゲットしてみてはいかがでしょう? もしもお金を使いたくないなら、下にあるようなyoutubeのコメントでもチェックして下さいな。

Who sent you here warz. It's a draw... :-(

G.Vump – Feeling [Beatport]

Yuksek On A Train – (Gucci Vump Dub Remix)

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  4 Responses to “G.Vump – Feeling”

  1. The person who said “Aeroplane” probably meant “The Magician” which would make sense cause Aeroplane broke up almost two years ago.

  2. It’s sort of weird how certain people reported that news in a way which is quite mischievous.. haha.

    Aeroplane (Vito) is still very much going, quite strongly..

  3. It’s funny that Aeroplane & The Magician both played “Feeling” at the end of their respective monthly mix.

  4. I bet they don’t find it funny.. hahahaha.

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