Mar 122012

This is pretty good, it has Donnie Darko in it and everything… and Donnie Darko is waaaay better than Ryan Gosling. Look how angry his face is, can Ryan Gosling do that sort of angry face? Can he fuck.

これ、なかなか面白い。Donnie Darkoが出てたりして。Donnie Darkoは怒った顔すら出来ない様なRyan Goslingなんかよりずっとずっと良いんです。

SebastiAn even did a really good remix too. No, really. It’s fun. It’s like, it’s all the good bits about 2007 all over again… what is going on?


Download: The Shoes – Time To Dance (SebastiAn Remix)

Get it all on iTunes. Well done The Shoes!
iTunesにて全部ゲット出来ます。Well done The Shoes!

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  1. the bad thing is,it’s not a good remix at all for me, thats sad :-/

  2. lol… it’s good. you are the hardest critic of SebastiAn ever.. and that’s saying something from a blog than ‘panned’ his album when they scored it 7/10….

    And as always.. haha.. “make a better one”.. 😉

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