Mar 012012

Pretty sure the days of me harassing Light Year on myspace for, “trax to post on da blog are long gone*. Which is actually a good thing, the likes of Soulwax, Erol Alkan, Tiga and Mr Oizo have all since gone on to give the act from Sydney some nice rep. And that is pretty darn cool.

myspaceでやんややんや言ってた日々が懐かしいこの頃ですが、それから月日は経って、気がつけば Soulwax, Erol Alkan, Tiga, Mr Oizoらのお墨付きのアーティストになったシドニーのプロデューサー・Light Year。

New single ‘Moderation‘ is a very moody and dark disco-house 90’s revival track. There is also a bit that reminds me of a Vitalic track, which I now forget the name of… arghhh.

ニューシングル ‘Moderation‘ はとってもムーディーでダークなディスコハウス90’sリヴァイヴァルなトラックで、タイトル忘れちゃったけども、とあるVitalicのトラックを思い出させてくれます。なんだったっけ。

Anyway, yeah, you should grab a copy March 7th when it’s released on Bang Gang 12’s.

とにかくBang Gang 12’sから3月7日にリリースなので絶対ゲットしましょ!


*Although, it doesnt mean my hard-drive lost those Mp3s…


Jay Z – 99 Problems (Light Year Remix)

Light Year – Trippin Horns

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  1. Hahaha I wouldn’t call this disco-house by a longshot…very surprised to see Light Year on TMS, and I mean that in the best way possible. Great tune, gr8 bl0gz.

  2. can’t believe you’ve only just discovered this. Thought you were EDM.

  3. Frankie - I’d say disco because of that vocal.. like pitched a bit.. and stuff… at the very least house. But.. really, no idea what any genre is these days. Is it 90’s revival?

    Gay – Nice bro. Good name too. Because, wow.. the song isn’t out yet, so it’s already old?! Good logic dude. Superb, what blog do you do? Btw.. if you look carefully.. there is a link which goes back to 2009… omg.. are Light Year old? Fuck, I best not best post them.

  4. sorry TMS. I do actually love you

  5. Isn’t Light Year a one-piece now?

  6. Damn. Missed that, made a very subtle correction. Cheers dude!

  7. I bet that Vitalic track you’re thinking of is Poney Part 1.

  8. ^^ YES. Thank you!

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