Feb 272012

BeatauCue return to making music in the style of their track “Disque Oh!” and it’s rather good. It’s also perhaps one of the only interesting things on the recent Kitsune Parisien II compilation (well, Pyramid is good too). Unless 9 tracks of French bands trying to sound like Joy Division is your thing…

BeatauCueがニュートラック”Disque Oh!”と共に戻ってきました。これ、とても良いです。そしてこのトラックは、Kitsune Parisien IIの中で唯一ナイスなトラックかもしれません。(Pyramidも忘れちゃいけないね。) フランス人によるJoy Divisionのパクリが好きな人には他もイケちゃうかもしれないですけど。

BeatauCue – Kiho [Beatport]

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  1. totally sounds like music from Child of Eden, which I’m pretty sure is where the picture of the post is from.

  2. Yeah. It was a subtle hint… especially as the BeatauCue guys kinda ignored me saying that when I mentioned it on the twitter. Dont wanna always annoy people.. haha ;-)

    Glad somebody else noticed too though!

  3. I agree. This track is the official theme of psychidellic, disco-light space whales.

    Good uplifting stuff. Mizuguchi would probably dig it.

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