Feb 242012

Hannulelauri have done a remix for the Italian disco duo Ajello and their track “Sabrer“. Actually, it’s not ‘a remix’ but, 3 remixes. You can check all of the remixes on their soundcloud. However, my favourite is the “Hannulelauri version” . It’s very much the style you’d expect but, that’s what it makes so nice. If you compare it to the original, you can see they transformed the track very well with their style. Although the original is quite funny and ridiculously over the top, I quite enjoyed that too (you can check it here).

Hannulelauriがイタリアのディスコデュオ、Ajelloのリミックスをつくりました。しかも3つ。全て彼らのsoundcloudにてチェック出来ますが、個人的なお気に入りは”Hannulelauri version”。いかにも彼ら!って感じだけど、それが良いんです。オリジナルと比べたら違いは一目瞭然で、うまく変えたなーって関心です。でもオリジナルもオリジナルで面白いんです。ちょっと笑っちゃうけど嫌いじゃないな、この感じ。(気になる人はココで探してみてね)

Ajello – Sabrer (Hannulelauri Version) by Hannulelauri

Released March 7th.


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