Feb 202012

Labtracks is Jarkko Saikkonen & Miikka Vaartela a production duo from Finland (home of Lenno & Bomfunk MC’s). They use words I find quite scary to describe their sound, “Progressive House“. I hide underneath my desk when I hear those two words for the fear that Tiesto must be somewhere close by. Thankfully, it’s not what I think “Progressive House” to be….

フィンランド(Lenno & Bomfunk MCと一緒) のJarkko Saikkonen & Miikka Vaartela によるデュオ、Labtracks 。彼らは自分たちの音楽を “プログレッシブハウス” としているようですが、この言葉を聞くと構えてしまいます。どうしても何処かで Tiesto的要素が出て来る気がしてしまうのです。幸いにも、彼らにはそんな心配いりませんでした。

I mean listen/download the track “Say Yeah!“. Straight-up funky house stuff fo’ sure.

まず”Say Yeah!” を聞いてダウンロードしてみては? とってもストレートなファンキーハウスです。

Labtracks – Say Yeah! (Original Mix) [Download]

And this… presumably an alias (it’s on their soundcloud). A nice Royksopp-esque track with a bit of filter. Smooth.


Le Disko Planet – Disco Cures (Original Mix) [Download]

They do have more tracks that fit the “progressive-house” billing, but it seems to be more fairly nice Electro-Disco if anything. Pick up a few of their releases on the Macarize label, they are alot of fun and especially reccommended if you like things like Capsule.

他にも”プログレッシブハウス” っていう説明に合ってっちゃあ合ってるトラックもありますが、どれも素敵なエレクトロディスコって感じです。Macarizeにて他のリリースもチェックしてみてください。特にCapsuleファンには絶対お勧めですよ。

Labtracks – Broadway / Metropolice [Beatport]

Very promising talents, keep an eye on these guys.


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  1. I could see it. Sounds like Deepdish.

  2. Sorry, botched it.

    Seriously though.

  3. […] “progressive house“… arghhh, which could mean I’ve posted this genre TWICE in a week. However, I think it’s best described as “twinkly nice synthy dancey house music” […]

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