Feb 182012

There has been a distinct lack of ‘batman-house‘ on the blog of late… bit disappointed in myself as ‘batman-house‘ is the antidote to the ‘edm situation‘. Music that is genuinely made in the homes of young producers and not a selling point of a trend in mainstream music….

ここ最近世にはびこっているEDMに汚染されない為にも、トレンドなんかに惑わされずに本当に才能がある若手プロデューサーによって作られた’batman-house‘ が今まで以上に必要なのに、なかなか’batman-house‘ を十分に紹介出来ていません。

Enjoy this guitar-driven remix of Two Door Cinema Club from the ‘Godfather of Batman-House‘, Allen Walker. Salvaged from depths of a hard-drive, it’s very short, but also, very sweet.

Batman-Houseのゴッドファーザー‘ こと Allen Walkerによるギターが効いたTwo Door Cinema Clubのリミックスは、短いけれどこれさえ聞けばしばらくの間はとんでもない音楽から身を守れるはずです。

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Allen Walker Re-Write) [Download]
[Instrumental Download]

An Ep is also (finally) on the way.


“Solanin EP” Teaser by iamAllenWalker

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