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Steve Hiroyuki Aoki, also known as Kid Millionaire and ‘that Jackie Chan guy’. Is an American underground techno-musician, record producer, Keanu Reeves impersonator, entrepreneur, the founder of Dim Mak Records and pioneer of the 320 Bang0r sound. He is also responsible for discovering and making the careers of acts such as; Bloc Party, Vengaboys, Partners in Kryme, The Bloody Beetroots, Marky Mark, Outhere Brothers, Wham!, Klaxons and The Gossip.

I get all my ideas from him.

So you would think that when Billboard do a cover feature on the rise of edm, he would definetly be on that cover, right? WRONG!


The cover has Diplo Blackberry™, Skrillex Pog and A-Trak (who is a pretty cool guy and his brother is in Chromeo). Steve is nowhere to be seen, nobody even mentions him in the feature, pretty outrageous considering he is the reason why American’s say “EDM”.

This is the guy who changed the game and gave the edm scene crowd rafting. No Steve, no crowd rafting. I mean, the likes of Zeddddddddd should at least be giving him credit for this….

Not gonna lie, I stole his hair and just modded it.
- Skrillex aka Dj Pog

This is the man who throw The Bloody Beetroots a bone by guesting on their records, “Warp“, “Warp 1.9“, “Warp 1977” and the classic “Warp Vista Signature Edition”.


That Gladiator thing? Uh.. jeez…
- Boys “Kid Alex” Noize

Steve Aoki releases his album “Wonderland” via the underground edm outfit Ultra Records on Feb 7th, it is the first album I have been unable to review, it’s sheer brilliance brought me to tears on numerous occasions. The way Steve majesticly moulds the Vengeance sample packs to make 13 Mona Lisa-esque electrobang0rs is quite a triumph and only something he could do…. it should be HUGE. However, one gets the feeling that maybe he is destined to be underated forever?

My favourite label is Dim Mak, even though I am the label owner, I still buy all the releases.
- Steve Aoki

Or maybe America, you can throw Steve a bone. Show some respect?! And support America’s very first EDM king. You can start by letting Billboard magazine know what a massive mistake they’ve made by leaving a humble comment reminding them….

Thank you.

*Special mention to this blog.

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  1. Hilarious, 10/10. Would read again.

  2. wow you are retarded if you think that Steve Aoki is a more important figure in electronic music history than any of the 3 artists listed above. He’s nothing more than a whiney arrogant and uncreative producer of electro bangers that are still relying on super saw synth drops for effect. I can literally think of a litany of reasons why Steve shouldn’t be more than tiny memory our minds and it only goes to show how literally uninformed or uninvolved in the “edm” scene for you to make the statements you have. Your first line referring to him as an “underground techno-muscian” only highlights this. Two of these words are not only false, but you yourself in the article discuss how they aren’t true. Calling him underground while at the same time discussing his fame and apparent massive role in ‘edm’ and calling him a techno musician while following up with a statement that claims his role in the “bang0r sound.” What part of you can confuse techno and banger at all?? I mean seriously look on youtube and type in the word ‘techno’ and tell me that aside from the fact that Steve’s music and techno both use electronic sounds there are similar elements. The structure, bpm, and use of samples are completely different.

    I could literally break down almost every paragraph of this article in the same way as I have above. So instead of bitching out Billboard maybe you should give them a little more cred for actually have done some research or at least having someone who is somewhat involved in the ‘edm’ scene to write about the rise of ‘edm’ music in popular culture.

    *granted maybe you are involved, I’m writing this comment before actually reviewing the rest of the site.

  3. “I am basically going to be the next member of Skrillex” – Steve Aoki

  4. hahahaha omg well said rebornsw. Yeah mixing up techno with “bang0rs” is a no no also, mixing up underground with renowned fame doesn’t fly either hahah.

    Despite that all being said, I still think Billboard FUCKED UP by not including this “underground techno musician” in their article.

    True, his productions blow recently and he is really mediocre when it comes to technicality of sets but he fucking delivers and it’s a fucking rush everytime he’s performing.


    seriously though, aoki is a boss

  5. one more thing- “Steve Aoki releases his album “Wonderland” via the underground edm outfit Ultra Records on Feb 7th”

    Ultra Records is like the second biggest label next to Armada Records…
    again, not underground…

    come on 2manySeb’z

  6. Feelin sorry for comment 2.

  7. irony:
    Pronunciation: /ˈʌɪrəni/
    noun (plural ironies)
    [mass noun]

    the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect

  8. vengeance haha! this is one of the best things you ever wrote. it was like watching a sarcastic blockbuster hollywood thriller…. i still dont know who done it! bravo!

  9. I hope the comment 2 guy reviews the rest of the site soon, he must have a history of critiquing other serious music articles and I cannot wait to see what rating out of 10 this website gets.

  10. this blog so dumb! aoki good and famousse!

  11. Clearly, rebornsw hasn’t read anything from this site before. Reminds me of those comments on The Onion News taking the headlines seriously.

  12. way 2 go comment #2. “you did it!”

  13. @Rebornsw ….. -__________________- idiot

  14. 10/10 post guys. Are people SERIOUSLY not getting the sarcasm in this post, or are people actually that thick? For times-sake, i’m going to label them as, for want of a better word, “ignorant”. I thought the “underground-label” Ultra Records would be enough to make these guys suspicious as to the real message of this post.

    tl;dr: Sarcasm, sarcasm and a little bit more sarcasm.

  15. @Rebornsw I agree, 1 million per cent man. No wait, 2 million.

  16. Did hipsterrunoff change his domain name?

  17. No. Turns out you cant copyright ripping off The Onion, or in my case, the early days of UK Resistance.

  18. Carles only has Shady Love for the Aoki too… we all know he likes Michael Cera waaaaaaaaaaaaay more.

  19. It’s funny. I just went on a rant on a car ride back from Vegas yesterday when a girl I was with put on tracks from the album and went on about how much she loved it. This was so well written and I am so fucking hung over that I actually didn’t pick up on the Onion thing until I went down to the comments. I was just thinking to myself where the fuck did this come from? Is this a joke? Cause based on what I normally read from this site Steve Aoki produces the last type of music I’d ever expect you to like. Aoki’s a cool guy (I’ve met him), but I certainly am no fan of his or his progeny’s music. That said, gota respect his hustle.

    Great job with this post. It’s not every day you see a music blog stepping out of the box and doing something creative. The bloggosphere has sadly gone way downhill since the glory days of DiscoDust. And most the amateurs just suck producers’ dicks in the hopes for some free tickets and say how “incredible” a generic house music production is. That’s why I come to this site on a regular basis. Cause of smart mothafuckin shit like this post. LMFAO.

  20. Wait people think this article is serious? L.O.L.

  21. these ppl got steve google alerts or what? how the fuck do you retards end up here?

  22. Rebornsw is a genius. Seriously, favourite person of the day.

  23. Thanks for the nice words Barry, too kind. I’m sure Aleks would pull out his hair if he saw that comparison…

    As for rebornsw, I really hope he doesn’t review the site.. some cool stuff (be giving Breakbot props in 2008 like bad-asses) but also.. less cool stuff (be wishing aids on people.. wtf?!).

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