Jan 192012


The Kate Bush song “Cloudbusting” is probably known best for being reworked by Utah Saints as the mega dance monster “Something Good” and then that version being reworked by Van She Tech a few years back. Mighty Mouse has taken on the track using the same vocal hook but has taken it down a very different path.  A slow-building groovy disco workout, that is up there with his Abba Rework. Get downloading!

Kate Bushの”Cloudbusting“は Utah Saintsのリワーク”Something Good“で有名ですが、それをさらにVan She Techがリワークしたのも記憶に新しいはず。今日紹介するのはMighty Mouseバージョン。ボーカルを使ってるのですが全く違うスタイルに大変身。スローに展開されるグルーヴィーなディスコが素敵で、前にも紹介したAbbaのリワークとも似た感じのスタイルになっています。是非ダウンロードしましょう!

Download: Kate Bush – Cloudbusting (MiGHty mOUse Re Work)

Mighty Mouse will be unleashing Disco Circus 3, 10th March 2012. It features tracks from the likes of Oliver, Gigamesh and Drop Out Orchestra. You can also catch him at XOYO with fellow dance bros The Magician and Alex Metric on January 28.

Mighty MouseはDisco Circus 3を3月10日にリリースされます。Oliver, Gigamesh, Drop Out Orchestraのトラックも収録されてるとか。更に1月28日にはロンドンの XOYOにて彼やThe Magician,  Alex Metricを見れますよ。

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