Dec 272011

1. Siriusmo – Signal
Siriusmo – Signal [Beatport]

2. Oliver – Memories Of The Future

Oliver – Memories Of The Future [Beatport]

3. Herr Styler – Snow In Paris

Herr Styler – Snow in Paris [Beatport]

4. Edwin van Cleef – Triton

Edwin Van Cleef – Triton [Beatport]

5. Something ALaMode – Versailles No Bara

SomethingALaMode feat. Rinko Kikuchi – Versailles No Bara [Amazon]

6. Mario & Vidis ft. Ernest – Changed

Mario & Vidis – Changed (Original Mix) [Beatport]

7. Bot’Ox Ft. Foremost Poets – Perfect Pair

Bot’Ox ft. Foremost Poets – Perfect Pair [Beatport]

8. Lazydisco – More Tigers

Lazydisco – More Tigers [Beatport]

9. Oxford – Holly Moon

Oxford – Holly Moon [Download]

10. Cosmonaut Grechko feat. Joywave – Singin’

Cosmonaut Grechko – Singin’ (feat. Joywave) [Beatport] [Radio Edit Download]

  No Responses to “Too Many Sebastians Top Ten Tracks of 2011.”

  1. Luv U TooManySebastians

    Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!!


  2. As usual, I can always count on TMS for some great new tunes to listen to!

    Have a happy new year!

  3. Happy new year TMS and all readers!

    For now about 2 years now, you are still my favorite blog. It’s hard to believe with everything else out there, but nevertheless TMS is still the best. Thanks for everything guys!

  4. […] time of the year when all the bloggers, magazines, TV shows… talk about the BEST of 2011. The best tracks, the best photographs, the best sport moments, the best new restaurants ( Sifton recommended The […]

  5. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the tracks!

  6. I always go to TMS when I need to hear something fresh and cool. This list is glorious, thank you!

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