Nov 222011


Apparat Organ Quartet is five-piece (why quartet then, yo?) band that hail from Reykjavik, Iceland. Their second album ‘Pólýfónía‘ comes a staggering nine years after their first one. If I was a fan (I hadnt heard of them till a few months ago) I would have probably gone a bit mental at them for taking so long… yikes!

As with any band from Iceland, you’d expect their sound to be, well.. weird. And that it is, but not in a Sigur Ros/Bjork way. If you look around the internets a comparison to Kraftwerk is used alot, which makes sense, because like Kraftwerk, they seem to make their own electronic instruments. They are also compared to Daft Punk, but everybody is compared to them, so, lets ignore that one. It’s a actually little tough describe them in all honesty…

It’s like this image, in sound form. 

Pólýfónía‘ is nine tracks in length, it has nice nostalgic feeling that runs through it. It’s also very chip-tuney in places, there is even a track called “Konami” which should put a smile on some nerdy faces. It’s been made available as a free download by the bands label. It’s also one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Apparat Organ Quartet – Konami

There are other highlights, like the super-cute ‘123 Forever‘ which has a just as super-cute video to accompany it… you will smile.

It’s not all waaaay cute though. They get their bedroom-rawk on with “Cargo Frackt“.. ok, it’s still a little bit cute.

Basically, if you are a little bit nerdy or want to check out something which is electronic and a bit different from the norm, but, still quite fun and poppy. Then I’d advise you check this out. If you find the tracks too weird/cheap sounding (which I dont think it is) then it’s probably not for you.

You can buy it here.

It’s also worth mentioning that Dreamtrak Diamond Sound has done an unbelievably huge remix of “Konami“. It’s got this epic 80’s vibe going on, like a very good Pet Shop Boys track and it’s totally not-ironic too. You can see on the soundcloud stream the bit I liked the most…

Apparat Organ Quartet – Konami (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound)

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