Oct 112011


Batman-House is always going to be a mysterious genre, it’s the one of the rules of Batman-House. Bat Fight is a project, who is the project by? Nobody knows. Will Bat Fight make another track? Nobody knows. Is Bat Fight’s track, “Cadogan” really good? Yep. So get on it. It may be the first and last track from this mysterious force.

常に謎めいている事、っていうのがルールでもあるバッドマンハウスですが、Bat Fightというのプロジェクトは知ってますか?これも誰が始めたのか、今後どんな活動をするのか、詳しいことは何も分かりません。ただ”Cadogan”というトラックは素敵という事だけは確実。もしかしたら最初で最後のトラックになるかもしれないので聞き逃しがないように…

Bat Fight – Cadogan

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  1. This is actually very good; wonder who it could be?!

    Did you get this sent in an email? Because I can’t find ANY other page on the net that brings me to this artist/song…TMS is getting on that ultra exclusive shit

  2. truly amazing <3 nice find!

  3. :-D

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